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  • verb

Synonyms for lade

to place a burden or heavy load on

to fill to overflowing


to take a substance, as liquid, from a container by plunging the hand or a utensil into it

Synonyms for lade

remove with or as if with a ladle

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Some 2,500 LADE observers will be deployed at all the polling stations throughout Lebanon in order to monitor the election process.
Lade says a panic alarm has been added to the river's traffic control system to notify businesses about any ships that lose control.
Baroud, who was honored by the LADE for his work with civil-society activists in organizing both municipal and parliamentary votes, stressed the need to continue electoral reform.
LADE asked the Lebanese government to create a committee of experts, civil society representatives and constitutional institution representatives to help formulate a new draft law for municipal reform.
LADE and CLOE observed the municipal elections held all through the month of May and reported that Bassil used his ministry's offices and institutions to back candidates, and that he was heavily involved in leading electoral campaigns in the northern city of Batroun.
After the north Lebanon municipal elections, LADE -- with the coordination of the Lebanese Coalition for Election Observation -- issued a report evaluating the electoral process.
The Quick and decisive measures by the Interior Ministry and by security and military authorities led to holding the polls on time and without delay," LADE said in its report evaluating the elections.
LADE counted nine cases of violence in south Lebanon compared to five cases in Nabatiyeh.
LADE mentioned further clashes in its statement, including: a delegate was heard threatening to burn the town of Kfarhata in the qada of Jezzine, LADE observers trying to take photographs of the elections were beaten in Kfardunin, and delegates and voters argued over the distribution of petrol coupons for bribery in Bint Jbeil.
After observing the first two rounds of the polls, LADE issued a statement in which it commented on certain issues to take into consideration during the third round on May 23 in south Lebanon and Nabatieh and the fourth round on May 30 in north Lebanon.
Samad said that LADE had had representatives in some of the committees' deliberations in order to voice the interests of citizens when it came to changing electoral law.
LADE stressed the need for change to voting law in a poll which traditionally attracts greater numbers than parliamentary polls.
LADE is currently in the process of meeting MPs and submitting proposed changes to the electoral law on behalf of civil society groups, Nassar added.
LADE proposed a series of municipal election reforms in 2008, emphasizing the importance of administrative decentralization and its value for democracy in Lebanon.