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  • verb

Synonyms for lade

to place a burden or heavy load on

to fill to overflowing


to take a substance, as liquid, from a container by plunging the hand or a utensil into it

Synonyms for lade

remove with or as if with a ladle

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Evaluating the electoral process, LADE based its assessment on the three fundamental principles: freedom, fairness and transparency.
LADE blamed the Legislations and Consultation Committee at the Justice Ministry for extending the deadline of withdrawing candidacies until directly before the elections, and said the committee "interpreted paragraph 6 of Article 25 of the municipal elections law differently to reigning democratic principles.
LADE issued a statement explaining that by answering a media question about the municipal elections during a news conference held at his office at the ministry, Bassil had committed a violation.
As for the "other ministers" Bassil claimed used government resources, LADE said it did not note any violation similar to that committed by Bassil.
LADE had 600 observers working on elections day, 329 of whom were permanently present at 198 polling stations.
Nonetheless, LADE said, "polling station officials were generally cooperative with the association's observers with the exception of a few cases.
LADE responded to the statement by stressing it has been an impartial association since 1996 and has been making all efforts possible to meet its role as a civil society organization.
LADE also condemned the withdrawal of several candidates at the last minute due to extending the deadline for the withdrawal of candidacies.
LADE regretted that many voters were surprised to find candidates winning unopposed after opposing candidates were pressured to withdraw.
Nonetheless, LADE cautioned that consensus should not eliminate certain factions and should not be imposed by pressure or by any kind of threatening.
LADE stressed the need for change to voting law in a poll which traditionally attracts greater numbers than parliamentary polls.
LADE will present its recommendations on how to alter voting mechanisms in a press conference on Friday, in conjunction with the Civil Campaign for Electoral Reform.
LADE proposed a series of municipal election reforms in 2008, emphasizing the importance of administrative decentralization and its value for democracy in Lebanon.
LADE and the Lebanese Alliance for Election Monitoring (CLOE), domestic observation missions with 2,500 monitors countrywide, also reported severely limited access for Lebanon's many handicapped voters.
Park, vikas puri, lades toilet block, pvr market, vikas puri, g-block, distt.