ladder-back chair

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a chair with a ladder-back


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Two black ladder-back chairs are in the same position as the originals and they have a copy of the room's white cheval mirror.
Interiors by Christine Brown, formerly of Tidmore-Henry & Associates, and Robert Henry; sofa and ladder-back chair by Lane; chenille lounge chairs by Barca; coffee table, demi-lune table, breakfast table base and game chairs by Hooker; tile by West Coast Distributors and installed by Tomka; custom woodwork by Chuck Kauffman; granite and stonework by Marble Masters and Rock On Floors; chandeliers and artwork by Tidmore-Henry Collection; custom floral rug by Shaw; fabrics by Stroheim & Romann.
Uncle RV was friends with the owner and he would stop by to join some of the local boys who sat on ladder-back chairs as they solved the world's problems.
Pair it with tulip chairs or customize your look by using traditional ladder-back chairs, aluminum Navy chairs, curved benches or mismatched wooden chairs all painted the same color.
Among the furniture will be a matched set of 18th century ash Waveyline type ladder-back chairs in excellent condition and boasting new rushing to a high standard.
We love how the clean, linear lines of the black, modern table work well with the high ladder-back chairs.
It is still cozy, but now it is an impeccable, tres intime, candlelit dining room brightened with glistening glassware atop tables covered with snow-white tablecloths and dramatically vertical rolled napkins, tall ladder-back chairs and a quasi-view kitchen.
A large pine dining table with eight ladder-back chairs sits in the centre of the room.
Regency fire-screens stand alongside American quilts, Aubusson cushions, Chinese silk wall hangings and Persian carpets while Art Deco cocktail cabinets, Victorian kitchen ware, fashionable Blue & White tableware, 17th century ladder-back chairs and Scandinavian glass fill the stands.
Furniture: Dressers, plainly-styled painted tables and chairs, tongue-and-groove, overstuffed armchairs, free-standing baths, ladder-back chairs, padded footstools, old wooden trunks, ottomans, willow chairs.