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Synonyms for ladder-back

a chair with a ladder-back

the backrest of a chair that consists of two uprights with connecting slats

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Furniture: Dressers, plainly-styled painted tables and chairs, tongue-and-groove, overstuffed armchairs, free-standing baths, ladder-back chairs, padded footstools, old wooden trunks, ottomans, willow chairs.
In contrast to the dull monotony of passenger planes, Martorell's earthbound airline was a meditation on the mismatched: vinyl floor tiles were patterned and inscribed at random; passenger seats made of wicker, ladder-back and rocking chairs were lavishly embellished with sequins, beads, and paint.
Before beginning, we talked of the family tradition of Raggedy Ann and Andy, while the dolls themselves sat on a small old fashioned ladder-back chair at the front of the room.
BOSTON -- AKSEL, the best selling ladder-back chair from Norway, famously found in countless Northern European restaurants, cafes, homes and cottages can now be purchased in the US direct.
The AKSEL's award-winning, timeless ladder-back designs blend seamlessly into many American decors.
Bailey sideboard, PS749, Bailey extending dining table, PS549, and bench, PS229, Bailey ladder-back dining chairs, PS329 (pair), 12-piece Hamilton dinner set, PS59, chopping board, one of two Crush bamboo chopping boards, PS15 (pair), porcelain tagine PS35, tall pepper mill, PS15, two small condiments, PS15 (set), Modern Living jug vase, PS19.
A wooden ladder-back chair with rush seat and vividly striped cushion repeats the colors found in the drapery panels, while heavily framed oil paintings of fruit and floral arrangements contribute to a French Country cottage motif.
It is still cozy, but now it is an impeccable, tres intime, candlelit dining room brightened with glistening glassware atop tables covered with snow-white tablecloths and dramatically vertical rolled napkins, tall ladder-back chairs and a quasi-view kitchen.
5 As far as possible, choose furniture that lets light pass through it - ladder-back rather than solid-back chairs, a low-backed sofa with legs rather than a valance, and so on.
Prices start from pounds 240 for that rusty branch chair, pounds 395 for the tall ladder-back design, while Rob's paintings are priced from pounds 195.
The company now ships as far as the US and Australia and has introduced a range of traditional ladder-back carvers, dining chairs and benches to complement the tables.
Two black ladder-back chairs are in the same position as the originals and they have a copy of the room's white cheval mirror.