ladder truck

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a fire engine carrying ladders

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Sashko was especially upset about the plan to sell the ladder truck to a department in Kentucky for $360,000.
Considering the needs of the city, Japan decided to provide a ladder truck and a rescue truck.
Our current ladder truck and one of our older engines aren't even made anymore," Wooten said.
At least one member of the Tehran City Council, Mohsen Sarkhou, has demanded the resignation of Tehran Mayor Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf, although the councilman did not explain what linked the mayor to the ladder truck.
Exhibit: 30m Turn Table Ladder Truck and Lighting Tower Vehicle
We managed to put out the ensuing fire before the fire department arrived with two pumpers and a ladder truck.
Leonard Williams, CPA once again featured his 1940 Seagrave 85-foot tractor/trailer aerial ladder truck in the San Francisco Peninsula leg of this year's Burn Relay.
Sometimes the crew would let him put on a pair of the big black boots and help them wash the ladder truck.
The workers were rescued by firefighters using a ladder truck, and none of the workers were injured in the incident.
uA Volunteer firefighter Jeff Schadt will display Ladder Truck 155, a fire truck that was among the first to arrive at Ground Zero during the events of Sept.
Mundelein OKs ladder truck sale despite ex-fire chief's warning
If it were not for a ladder truck sent by a private firm, even more deaths might have occurred, reports said.
Tenders are invited for one (1) mid mount ladder truck not to exceed 90~ or equivalent the vehicle must be in new and unused condition.
The result: A new aerial ladder truck and a new engine tanker scheduled for delivery about this time next year.
The incident occurred Monday night when a firefighter attempted to drive the department's ladder truck under City Hall - which is elevated and spans A Street and a parking lot - and the ladder became stuck on the ceiling over the traffic area.