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a fire engine carrying ladders

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At least one member of the Tehran City Council, Mohsen Sarkhou, has demanded the resignation of Tehran Mayor Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf, although the councilman did not explain what linked the mayor to the ladder truck.
Exhibit: 30m Turn Table Ladder Truck and Lighting Tower Vehicle
Space limitations are prohibiting the community from acquiring a ladder truck that meets Department of Transportation standards for height and length.
The incident occurred Monday night when a firefighter attempted to drive the department's ladder truck under City Hall - which is elevated and spans A Street and a parking lot - and the ladder became stuck on the ceiling over the traffic area.
In 1933, Morita developed the first wooden ladder truck (18m) in Japan to meet the emergency needs of urban modernization.
uA Volunteer firefighter Jeff Schadt will display Ladder Truck 155, a fire truck that was among the first to arrive at Ground Zero during the events of Sept.
The result: A new aerial ladder truck and a new engine tanker scheduled for delivery about this time next year.
Springfield responded with two engines and a ladder truck, while the Eugene Fire Department assisted with one engine and one truck.
Santa Rides Santa Claus will be making his annual ride around town aboard an Auburn Fire Department ladder truck, starting at 9 a.
Six engines, seven water tenders and a ladder truck responded to the alarm.
The nine-person station could house a hazardous-materials unit, an urban search-and-rescue unit, a fire engine and a ladder truck.
CHARLTON -- The Charlton Fire Department has been awarded an $893,000 federal grant to replace the oldest vehicle in its fleet, a 40-year-old aerial ladder truck known as Scope 1.
The new tillered ladder truck is 65 feet long and has a winch and derrick for trench rescue.
More than 100 members of the rescue team responded, and pulled the teen to safety using a ladder truck.