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a clear odorless hygroscopic syrupy carboxylic acid found in sour milk and in many fruits

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It was suggested that adding lactic acid bacteria could improve the fermentation quality of King grass.
Probiotic bacteria help food fermentation by various ways including (i) preservation by lactic acid production which act as antimicrobial agent (Fraqueza, 2015); (ii) The production of flavor compound that will provide the organoleptic properties (Smid and Kleerebezem, 2014); (iii) Improvement of nutritional value of the food; (iv) production of therapeutic agent and control of serum cholesterol (Nuraida, 2015).
Though, lactic acid is used in the production of PLA plastics that are mainly used in packaging products that comply with environmental customs.
PLA is a biobased, biodegradable polymer obtained by fermenting renewable resources (sugar or starch) to produce lactic acid.
Although leaching kinetics of calcined magnesite was studied in a variety of acidic media, no study was found concerning the leaching kinetics of calcined magnesite in aqueous lactic acid solutions.
Lactic acid fermentation may confer preservative and detoxifying effects on food and feeds.
Vaginal bacterial flora, predominantly Lactobacilli, produces lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and bacteriocin which form a thin acid mantle of pH 4-6.
The methane to lactic acid research project began in 2013 as a joint effort between NatureWorks and Calysta Energy, Menlo Park, CA, to develop a fermentation biocatalyst.
The predominant lactic acid bacteria (LAB) were responsible for silage fermentation and had the greatest influence on silage preservation.
Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) are important for food industries, mainly for the dairy and food industries.
We are seeing increased demand from home care and personal care formulators for our lactic acid products," said Marco Bootz, SVP-biochemicals.
Scientists at Pennsylvania State University incorporated buffered vinegar into hot dogs and evaluated the vinegar for its ability to inhibit the growth of lactic acid bacteria and L.
Evaluation of biological production of lactic acid in a synthetic medium and in Aloe vera (L.