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Synonyms for lactation

the period following birth during which milk is secreted

the production and secretion of milk by the mammary glands

feeding an infant by giving suck at the breast


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News journalists and our Drugs, Pregnancy, & Lactation columnists.
It is said that these strongly built animals will last in any dairy operation for many lactations due to their sound feet and leg structure and well-attached udders.
However, TNM contents remained stable during lactation until the 16th week.
Being hosted at the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah, this workshop series aims to build in-depth knowledge about lactation management as well as ways to resolve any complicated issues that can arise from the practice of breast feeding.
The lactation center provides a private space for nursing mothers to pump breast milk.
The Lactation Clinic was officially inaugurated by Dr Khalid Ibrahim al-Badr, assistant manager (Primary Health Services) at QP.
The technique opens up extensive opportunities to further investigate lactation in fossils and museum collections of primate teeth.
Bloody discharge from the nipple during pregnancy and lactation can be frightening, but may represent a totally benign and selflimiting condition.
According to the Oxymetholone effects at doses far higher than physiological treatment of mothers during pregnancy and lactation on the levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone are not babies, we came in trying to do this study.
DiMario, a registered nurse and board-certified lactation consultant since 1986, that the baby had been feeding for about an hour, it turned out the baby had not had a proper feeding for about 12 hours.
PABC is the most frequent malignancy that is concurrent with pregnancy and lactation.
Then when they come back to work, they have use of a pump in a private lactation area at the worksite, plus accessibility to a one-hour back-to-work consultation with a lactation consultant and unlimited telephone access to a lactation consultant seven days a week.
Comprehensive lactation consultant exam review, 3d ed.