lactase deficiency

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Two novel mutations in the lactase gene in a Japanese infant with congenital lactase deficiency.
Can colic be attributed to transient lactase deficiency (TLD)?
Lactose intolerance results from a lactase deficiency - an inherited trait.
The Meharry researchers found that even persons who are truly lactose intolerant can learn to compensate for lactase deficiency by not completely avoiding milk and milk products (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, December 1993).
Parents needn't worry that feeding their children too little milk causes lactase deficiency," says Edwina Murray of the Massachusetts institute of Technology.
Acquired lactase deficiency is the most common disorder of complex carbohydrate absorption throughout the world, affecting 75% of world population.
professor of pediatrics and chief of pediatrics gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition at Columbia University Medical Center address the common myth of probiotics for colic by addressing the only clinically proven cause of colic symptoms, Transient Lactase Deficiency, a temporary lactose intolerance in infants as a result of an immature digestive system.
The addition of microbial beta-galactosidases directly to milk at mealtime represents a potential "enzyme replacement therapy" for primary lactase deficiency.
Lactocaps is a Scandinavian lactase deficiency enzyme replacement product, which will provide another treatment option to the estimated 5-20% of the population who suffer from lactose intolerance
They can be used to measure gastric emptying rate of solids (1), detect fat malabsorption (2), and evaluate pancreatic lipase activity (3), exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (4), glucose adsorption and utilization (5), liver function control (6), and lactase deficiency (7) with appropriate [sup.
Knowing this, I have partnered with the makers of Colief Infant Drops in an educational campaign to educate parents and pediatricians about the various causes of colic, including Transient Lactase Deficiency (TLD).
The replacement therapy with exogenous, food-grade beta-galactosidases may provide a useful intervention to reduce lactose malabsorption and milk intolerance in individuals with primary lactase deficiency.