lactase deficiency

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But the new study questions the reported links between autism and GI abnormalities, showing no significant differences in intestinal inflammation, lactase deficiency, or intestinal permeability in autistic versus non-autistic children with GI symptoms.
CONCLUSION: Despite the high prevalence of lactase deficiency in the Uzbek population, Uzbeks tolerate and regularly consume dairy products well.
Two novel mutations in the lactase gene in a Japanese infant with congenital lactase deficiency.
These results suggest that, despite patient manifestations, symptoms experienced at home were unlikely to be directly related to lactose-containing foods," especially among those patients without true lactase deficiency, the authors wrote.
It can also be the result of the rare congenital lactase deficiency and secondary hypolactasia caused by atrophy or damage of the small intestine mucosa (1, 2).
1969) and, lactose intolerance in individuals with lactase deficiency (Dahlqvist et al.
This action is especially important in individuals who consume milk products and have a lactase deficiency (known as lactose intolerance).
True congenital lactase deficiency is extremely rare (Altschuler & Liacouras, 1998; Wyllie & Hyams, 1999).
For most people, though, lactase deficiency is a condition that develops naturally, over time.
Lactase deficiency is an example of food intolerance.
Examples of food intolerances include reactions- to monosodium glutamate (MSG), tyramine in cheese, caffeine in coffee, sulfites in wine, phenylethylamine in chocolate, or milk and its products in the case of someone who has a genetic lactase deficiency.
There are many medical problems that cause abdominal pain in children: peptic ulcers, Crohn's disease, lactase deficiency, and problems with the urinary system.
If lactase deficiency is suspected of causing your gas, your doctor probably will tell you to eliminate dairy foods from your diet so that your symptoms can be evaluated.
Professionals are invited to learn more about a new theory on the diagnosis of colic, transient lactase deficiency (TLD), by joining a webinar and be entered to win a trip for two to Ireland, where Colief Infant Drops and Crosscare Inc.