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an athlete who plays lacrosse

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Newcastle University lacrosse player Lucy Horan in action
The accused players--David Evans, Collin Finnerty, and Reade Seligmann--were picked by Mangum from a photo line-up created by the Durham, North Carolina, police that, counter to standard practice, contained photos only of Duke lacrosse players.
Cohan's thorough analysis of the Duke scandal provides a worthwhile reminder of the case's racial and classist elements: the exotic dancer, Crystal Gail Mangum, was black, poor, and female; the lacrosse players were privileged white males.
Melbourne, November 23 ( ANI ): A Lacrosse player woke up with musical talents after suffering from concussions while playing.
Smith was a star lacrosse player - where his speed across the field earned him his nickname 'Silverheels' - and a decent boxer and wrestler before he entered films as a stuntman in 1938.
Knowing that Logan had been a star prep-school lacrosse player in high school, and also that Logan had left the game after a disgraceful final prep-school game, his father assigns him the task of coaching a ragtag local reservation team.
CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia: A former college lacrosse player who killed his ex-girlfriend in a drunken rage received a 23-year prison sentence Thursday in a case that forever changed the school's attitudes toward relationship violence and made it easier for abuse victims in the state to obtain restraining orders.
The film stars African-American actor Brian White, who is also a dancer, lacrosse player, stock broker, football player, and youth activist.
A SCOTTISH international lacrosse player has been banned from driving for two years after she was caught speeding at 115mph.
So far, South Korea has reported 61 swine flu cases including the lacrosse player and four others who were identified on Saturday.
Appropriate for players ages 10 and older (especially the competitive high school player), "Backyard Lacrosse" covers stick control, scooping fundamentals, cradling, shooting techniques, creative drills, dodging, an equipment over view, and a wealth of practical tips that will enhance lacrosse player performance.
He was also a keen lacrosse player in his teens, and his stage name was inspired by a 1979 martial arts movie.
Lacrosse player Dominique also plays hockey for Durham with fellow students Sarah Scott and Beth Rogers representing the South Durham and Cleveland region at netball.
As Huston's students collectively cringed, one lacrosse player in the class, Jay Jennison, was moved to draw a cartoon rendering of the impassioned oration.
Donnelly, a veteran club lacrosse player out of Navy, brings leadership, experience and grit to the back line.