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Synonyms for lacrimal

of or relating to tears


relating to or located near the organ that produces tears


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israelii can cause conjunctivitis or lacrimal canaliculitis without any generalized systemic invasion is a relatively less recognized clinical phenomenon.
Trauma: Fracture of the ascending process of maxilla or lacrimal bone following road traffic accident or surgery may sever or compress the nasolacrimal duct, or sac may lead to stenosis or atresia.
Meanwhile, damage of lacrimal drainage system is a common concurrent injury at periorbital region.
Lacrimal gland involvement is the most common form of orbital sarcoidosis.
For example, a study carried out in Denmark shows the most common malignant tumor of the orbit to be lymphoma, whereas a study carried out in China indicates Malignant Lacrimal gland tumors to be the commonest.
The eye's lacrimal gland is small but mighty, producing moisture needed to heal eye injuries and clear out harmful dust, bacteria and other invaders.
Lacrimal duct patency was not present, as revealed from dye passage test.
Tears are generated by tiny glands called the lacrimal glands.
A principal causa da CCS e imunomediada, mas a administracao de farmacos anti-inflamatorios, sulfonamidas, atropina e anestesicos volateis reduzem ou ate mesmo interrompem a producao lacrimal de maneira irreversivel (RIBEIRO et al.
Para cubrir bien una ojera oscura es fundamental utilizar dos tipos de correctores, el precorrector y el corrector, y siempre aplicarlos con toquecitos, desde el lacrimal hacia fuera, pero sin llegar a las patas de gallo.
7) Only 2 glands constitute the avian lacrimal apparatus: the gland of the nictitating membrane (formerly Harders gland) and the lacrimal gland.
However, cysts arising from the lacrimal duct are less frequently encountered [2-5].
Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) is a surgical procedure which involves the diversion of lacrimal flow into the nasal cavity by creating an opening at the level of lacrimal sac.
anatomic abnormalities, tumors, inflammatory, immunologic, infectious, and traumatic); disorders of the tear production and the lacrimal system; corneal manifestations of systemic disease and therapy, and of chemical and biological warfare; infections; noninfectious keratopathy; immunologic disorders; and therapeutic and reconstructive procedures, among other topics.
TOKYO -- A research group headed by Professor Takashi Tsuji of Tokyo University of Science have successfully regenerated fully functional bioengineered salivary and lacrimal (tear) glands.