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Synonyms for lackluster

Synonyms for lackluster

lacking brilliance or vitality

lacking luster or shine

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Analyst Fahad Al-Bassam, however, pointed out that the lackluster is due to the normal summer and Ramadan lull as well as the uncertain political situation in Kuwait.
announced the closures in its earnings release Thursday, citing lackluster sales.
Although there is a segment of managers currently not outsourcing but planning to do so, the growth in WAN management outsourcing is expected to be lackluster, according to the report.
For example, the lackluster performance of the third quarter of 1999 could be traced to the meager amounts of money flowing into equity funds--only $32.
Yet the concept of multiple careers remains relatively undeveloped, and enforcement of age discrimination laws has been lackluster.
indicating that management's efforts to improve working conditions and reduce accidents are lackluster at best.
The rating also recognizes the large swing in earnings and overall lackluster underwriting results over the long term.
In late July, Rhode Island-based Hasbro (NYSE: HAS) reported lackluster second-quarter earnings, with revenue down 6 percent and earnings down 12 percent.
The Rams are coming off a lackluster effort in last week's 7-0 victory over Desert of Palm Desert.
The world premiere of Cortez's Carmina Burana, set to Carl Orff's powerful choral work, vacillated between moments of brilliance and spells of lackluster choreography.
An admittedly lackluster student and job hopper, she invested a borrowed $1000 at age 23 to start a tiny real estate company in New York.
Although it is fascinating to hear a psychically gifted person describe how she perceives the past and future, and how "visions" feel to her, the reader may be struck by the ordinariness of much of Iacuzzo's story: her acid trips in the late 1960s; her short-term jobs in offices and factories while she "found" herself; failed relationships with charismatic older women and lackluster fellow hippies.
It doesn't take X-ray vision to discern that instead of actual thought, the curating amounts to a stroking of particular collectors, gallerists, and lackluster heads of MFA programs.
When contacted 1 year after the stroke, she cited occasional, lackluster dreams--no more than one per week.
Intuit (Japan) and other Japanese companies are using MBOs to give themselves a semblance of independence; Xavel is pulling in revenue of $1 million a month selling high-quality, brand-name clothing, perfume and accessories to people shopping via their cellphones; IP telephony begins to chip away at NTT's 100-year empire; and Sony tries to rev up the lackluster Aiwa brand.