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Synonyms for lacking

Synonyms for lacking

lacking an essential element

deficient in a usual or needed amount

not having a desirable element

Synonyms for lacking

inadequate in amount or degree


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Most researchers in this area have focused on the negative side of lacking control (Whitson & Galinsky, 2008).
We later hear this root describing the widow who gives much out of her lacking or poverty).
Without self-awareness, a person has an 83% chance of lacking social awareness.
Recently, studies have shown that a diet lacking fruits and vegetables can cause wrinkling.
There is no shortage of policy options available for controlling this illegal activity, but what is still lacking in most cases is the political will to carry them out.
The report painted a picture of a facilities division lacking basic checks and balances to ensure consultants are doing their job for the hours they are billing the district.
Lacking feedback, the new leader cannot build credibility, which results in a failure to build coalitions for problem solving and decision making.
Another option that has worked well in some places, like East Harlem, is "mandatory choice," where all parents are forced actively to choose which schools their kids will attend, creating a diversity and competition that's often lacking in places with less pressure on parents to shop around.
Various combinations of dancers explored barriers of space and human will, culminating in the ballet's final pose, in which dancer Rebecca Carmazzi, lacking an exit, darted to the back wall and hid under the blue fabric.
A "Medinews" item in the July 1996 Ladies Home Journal cited Connolly Schoonen, MS, RD, a clinical nutritionist and spokesperson for the American Dietary Association: "Because high-protein diets are lacking in carbohydrates, you can use up the carbs that are stored in your muscles.
Although many of these stressors have been cited in informal interviews, more formal studies that fully examine the relationship between dispatcher stress and independent stressors have been lacking.
Avoiding all interpretive responsibility, descending to the trivial, lacking any sense of critical proportion, this passage epitomizes the essential weakness of Campbell's project.
The ruling, which addresses whether a German GmbH lacks the corporate characteristic of continuity of life, holds that automatic termination of the entity on the occurrence of certain events, "without further action," will result in the entity's lacking the corporate characteristic of continuity of life.
Continuity of life generally is deemed to be lacking because, under most state statutes, an LLC is dissolved on the death, retirement, resignation, expulsion, bankruptcy or dissolution of a member, or occurrence of any other event that terminates the continued membership of a member of the company.