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Synonyms for lack

Synonyms for lack

the condition of lacking a needed or usual amount

to be without what is needed, required, or essential

Synonyms for lack

the state of needing something that is absent or unavailable

be without


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Overall, participants who recalled an experience where they lacked control did not show a greater need for structure than those who recalled having control did, F(1, 52) = .
According to the report, one consultant, who initially lacked a real estate broker license, billed the district nearly $1 million for work he did over a two-year period - a compensation level that is double the salary of LAUSD Superintendent Roy Romer, who makes $250,000 a year.
Women who lacked the GSTM1 gene and had ever or currently smoked were three times more likely to be rheumatoid factor positive than women who lacked the gene and had never taken up cigarettes.
Administrators are often hired based on decades-old job descriptions, by search committees that may have lacked any guidance or communication from the president or provost, or by a board that hasn't done its homework.
Africans have lacked commitment to an ideal that would make the difference.
COUNTY lacked the cutting edge to clinch a victory over titlechasing Kettering.
Despite coaching from former Balanchine stars Patricia McBride and Violette Verdy, Kristi Capps and Sasha Janes's performance of the Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux lacked energy and cohesiveness.
My client had the same stuff on his GSA but lacked one item.
6213) lacked the capacity to litigate before the court under Tax Court Rule 60(c), and dismissed the petition.
Instead of simply recognizing the historical fact that most women lacked access to such learning, she examines what effects this lack of access had on the writing that actually occurred.