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Synonyms for lack

Synonyms for lack

the condition of lacking a needed or usual amount

to be without what is needed, required, or essential

Synonyms for lack

the state of needing something that is absent or unavailable

be without


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One can make a case that this would not be so if Atelier Lack had never existed.
It's a saga made famous by the 2010 best-seller ''The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.
Simple main effect contrasts confirmed that people in the lack of control condition (M = 3.
Internal practice-based barriers arc more significant to clinicians than lack of external disease-specific resources or training," she said, noting that lack of training was called a concern by 24% of internists and 12% of pediatricians.
Few with program management experience can refute that many projects and programs falter because of lack of communication, lack of people skills, or lack of leadership skills, rather than a lack of technical program management skills.
That lack of planning also deprives us of the chance to find more effective and imaginative ways to make a difference through our giving, or even to think through what causes our giving should be directed toward from year to year.
6015(0 stand-alone cases without a deficiency determination, a motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction should be filed.
Finally, the Sixth Circuit gave little weight to Indmar's lack of a sinking fund and collateral since the company was not highly leveraged.
I also decry the lack of information when implementing these changes, especially the new timetable which is confusing.
All of them have become overwhelmed in recent years due to a lack of upgrades and the upswing in trade as internal security has improved.
These include a personal history of depression, a family history of depression, lack of social support, low income, stress in your family, relationship issues, having had a high-risk pregnancy or having a baby born with problems.
The theory is that, even though students do not meet course standards, they have some redeeming characteristics that will compensate for their demonstrated lack of technical skill.
Re ``25% of Latino kids lack health plans'' (April 27):
The root cause of this monetary dilemma is a lack of interest in classical music in our society.