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Synonyms for lacing

a small amount of liquor added to a food or beverage

a cord that is drawn through eyelets or around hooks in order to draw together two edges (as of a shoe or garment)

the act of inflicting corporal punishment with repeated blows

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It minimizes lacing friction and is coupled with a built in lever and cam system so that it requires very little strength to operate.
Try out one of these cool lacing techniques to snazz up your sneakers (below, from left to right: straight, lattice, ladder, and zipper).
He said: "Hundreds of years of trial and error have led to the strongest way of lacing our shoes, but the same cannot be said about the way in which most of us tie our shoelaces.
Burkard Polster, from the School of Mathematical Sciences at Monash University, in Australia, tested five other ways of lacing and found that the bow-tie method, using all of the shoe's eyelets, took up the least amount of lace.
The QuikTie [TM] Wrist Brace uses a Speed Lacing System that incorporates the benefits of laces into two sets of easy-to-adjust tabs.