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relating to or prompting tears


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Y en el segundo sentido, son los recordatorios de la vida del cristiano o del pecador: segun Thomas Ken, teologo del siglo xviii, "Magdalen's tears her lachrymatory daily fill'd".
It is defined as a "material that is obtained from extracting the natural pepper plant with temporary lachrymatory effects on living things.
They are precursors to the lachrymatory and flavour compounds detected in the agronomical important genus Allium.
He shows that some actors may have been able to cry on demand, but also suggests the intriguing possibility that onions or other lachrymatory substances may have been used, perhaps concealed in handkerchiefs.
Following World War I, the United States, under the guidance of the Chemical Warfare Service, developed "harassing agents," with focus on CN and DM lachrymatory and irritant smoke agents.