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Synonyms for lachrymal

of or relating to tears


relating to or located near the organ that produces tears


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The most frightening thought we can conjure on this All Hallow's Eve is this: Some voters next Tuesday might actually cast a ballot based upon the lachrymal effusions of the candidates.
What are the lachrymal glands of the human body more commonly known as?
Along with a review of preventative measures, contributors explain age-related changes and diseases of the eyelid, optics, cornea, lens, extracellular matrix of the trabecular meshwork, glial and mobile cells in the Iris, vitreous, retina, retinal pigmented epithelium, choroid, lachrymal gland, and oculomotor system.
2005) recently reported that dogs affected with leishmaniasis develop KCS by direct parasitism of the agent in the ductal component of the lachrymal glands and also in the Meibonian glands, by means of immunohistochemistry.
In the body, what are produced by the lachrymal glands?