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variably colored and sometimes variegated hard tough elastic wood of a sycamore tree

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Hoppe said inquiries and requests for lacewood have increased in the last two to three years because it seems to be a favorite with architects.
As Powers points out several times, one needn't work for Clare or even live in Lacewood to be affected by the sprawling corporation, which "keeps so many residences that it has no fixed place of abode" (253).
Comfortable, custom-built furniture incorporates the beauty and warmth of Anigre Lacewood while marble mosaic walls give the rooms a natural sheen, and sandstone tile accented by hand-knotted banana-wool area rugs combine to create a bright yet cozy atmosphere.
Lacewood has medium movement in service and good steam-bending properties.
The smaller (diameter) of the two species, South American lacewood (Louro faia), has a color ranging from cream to salmon and sometimes towards a greyish red," he said.
Alison Reading, sales director for Persimmon Homes South Midlands, explained: "On average we expect to see between ten and 15 house hunters a week at any one of our new developments, so the fact that Lacewood Gardens is receiving over 100 per week is a real testament to the fact that we're offering extremely desirable new homes in a key property hot spot.
A graceful low table of French walnut and lacewood by furniture designer and sculptor Joseph Walsh of Cork remained from a previous exhibition of his work.
Made of Australian lacewood, the custom headboard includes a niche for storing treasures.
Home of Clare Soap and Chemical, Lacewood is on the verge of producing ecological disaster; Laura's personal plight speaks to larger themes of environment, corporate greed, and human nature.
One of the more unusual pieces commissioned was an exquisite knife box made by Nicola from walnut and lacewood for a client in America, which was a gift for his unborn grandson.
Lacewood, silky oak, selena, Northern silky oak, Australian silky oak, European plane
An unusual, silver-tinted lacewood wall invokes a fabric appearance and will be lighted from below.
Such companies as Nelvana in Toronto, Cinar in Montreal, International Rocketship in Vancouver, and Crawley Films and Lacewood Productions in Ottawa became important players in the North American market place.