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variably colored and sometimes variegated hard tough elastic wood of a sycamore tree

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Although the novel begins with an account of how Clare came to Lacewood in the 1880s, as part of a brief opening exposition about the town itself, the rest of the history proceeds chronologically, from when Jephthah Clare comes to America in 1802 until the turn of the millennium.
The smaller (diameter) of the two species, South American lacewood (Louro faia), has a color ranging from cream to salmon and sometimes towards a greyish red," he said.
Alison Reading, sales director for Persimmon Homes South Midlands, explained: "On average we expect to see between ten and 15 house hunters a week at any one of our new developments, so the fact that Lacewood Gardens is receiving over 100 per week is a real testament to the fact that we're offering extremely desirable new homes in a key property hot spot.
When Laura Rowen Bodey, a 42-year-old Lacewood real estate agent, notices in her garden that "some nasty bug has already begun to nibble her summer squash in the bud," she never thinks to connect the blight with a larger ecological problem.
Before he created the prototype for Kiruna (named for a city in Sweden and a nod to his paternal grandfather, who is Swedish), he built several things in his house, including a lacewood kitchen table, a Mission-style entertainment center, beautiful fishing rods that took him 30 hours each to make, and, also for fishermen, a mahogany and maple fly stretcher with hand-notched pegs.
Wood veneers such as quarter fiddleback anegre, sycamore, makore, and brazilian lacewood have recently replaced walnut, cherry, and mahogany of earlier periods.
counter are hand-sized maple leaves of flame birch, Australian lacewood, African purple heart, Honduras mahogany, ink-black walnut and bird's eye maple.
Crawley's had produced the first animated television series anywhere in North America, The Wizard of Oz, in 1962, and several private animation studios such as Atkinson Films and Lacewood Studios have come and gone since then.
1) One frame recounts the two-hundred-year expansion of the Clare family's soap and candle business into a huge multinational conglomerate; the other relates the final year in the life of Laura Rowen Bodey, a forty-two-year-old divorced mother of two whose terminal cancer may have been caused by environmental pollutants from the Clare factory located in her hometown of Lacewood, Illinois.
Paragon Entertainment, which made an-ill-fated acquisition of Lacewood Studios and subsequently fell victim itself to consolidation and shut its doors;
Clare has a factory in a Midwestern city called Lacewood, where 42-year-old Laura Bodey lives with her two teenage children, tends her backyard garden, sells houses for Next Millennium Realty and discovers Clare seeping into her life.
A divorced mother of two, she has ovarian cancer that may have been caused by environmental toxins from Clare's plant in her hometown of Lacewood, Ill.
The cabinets are made of lacewood that is stained burgundy which Hayes says is Wesley's favorite color.
COMMON NAMES: Lacewood, silky oak, selena Northern silky oak, Australian silky oak, European plane
Lacewood, silky oak, selena, Northern silky oak, Australian silky oak, European plane