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Synonyms for lacerated

irregularly slashed and jagged as if torn


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having edges that are jagged from injury

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O'Driscoll sustained a lacerated ear and dead leg in the 13-13 draw with France, but it is the concussion he incurred at the Aviva Stadium that threatens his involvement in what could potentially be his Six Nations match.
Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten, who suffered a lacerated spleen during the preseason, has apparently offered to sign a medical waiver in order to play Wednesday night against the New York Giants, according to ESPN.
SUMMER TEST South Africa 22 England 17 ENGLAND centre Brad Barritt has been ruled out of the second Test against South Africa after an operation to repair a lacerated eyeball.
According to the post mortem report, the young man succumbed to his fatal wound as the gunshot lacerated his blood vessels, causing profuse hemorrhage.
GUJJAR KHAN, January 27, 2011 (Frontier Star): After laying down the gas pipelines in the streets, the contractor of Sui Northern Gas Pipelines has fled away leaving the torn and lacerated roads hereon the other day.
Seidenberg missed the final four games of the regular season and the entire playoffs after sustaining a lacerated tendon in his forearm during an April 3 game.
The 18-year-old lacerated his liver in a freak collision with keeper Adrian Walsh.
It later emerged he had lacerated his liver and lost a life-threatening amount of blood.
It left him with a lacerated kidney - which, remarkably, did not require surgery.
Center Ryan Getzlaf was placed on injured reserve with a lacerated leg on Monday, retroactive to Dec.
Berlusconi suffered a broken nose, two fractured teeth and a lacerated lip from the attack.
She had been born via a cesarean section, and her left auricle had been lacerated during the incision to enter the uterus.
During the procedure, performed under general anesthesia, the woman's bladder was lacerated and a sudden gush of fluid contaminated the surgical site.
Mr Said was taken to hospital for emergency surgery but doctors could not save a severely lacerated eye and had to remove it.