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made of or resembling lace


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And in "Love or Money," from Miles of Aisles, Mitchell creates similes that picture a feeling: "Vaguely she floats and lacelike / Blown in like a curtain on the night wind.
We now have a new perspective on Orlando in Souza's lacelike interweaving of streets and map markings.
She could have had her choices: Other feats presented Wednesday that seem destined for the red carpet were a mint-colored, hand-pleated mini with jade-like embellishment; a pearl-colored, all-embroidered dress with a lacelike effect; and a fully sculpted strapless gown made of a midnight-stained organza with flower details and painted illustrations.
Her images are pages from antiquarian books that have been carefully cropped, photographed, or used as the base layer of lacelike collages.
6) Apart from the mottled filling defect, an upper GI study may show the positive density of the mass with a lacelike pattern due to residual contrast medium on delayed films.
The holes grow rapidly in size and in concentration until the sheet forms a lacelike structure, then disintegrate into the particle size of the final dispersed phase.
The beauty of winter's landscape is in the small things: the hoarfrost on bare twigs and dried grasses, trickles of snowmelt under lacelike ice, the inscrutable patterns of lichens on exposed rock surfaces.
The place must have been beautiful once, and it still has some vestiges of glory: lacelike gates that hang from two stone pillars; high, vaulted ceilings; windows that seem deliberately positioned to provide just a glimpse of the mountains.
We observed a progression from thin, lacelike dermal collagen in biopsy samples from legs with no lymphedema to fibrolamellar hyperplasia in the rete ridges accompanied by thick condensed collagen bundles in patients with severe lymphedema.
Compared to many clusters it's delicate and lacelike.
His original pulpit, the roof of the theater's snack bar, has given way to a granite altar that looks out on an all-glass sanctuary with more than 10,000 windows held in place by a lacelike frame of white steel trusses.
Even more impressive, at least visually, was my companion's Yatra salad, which featured a lacelike tower of Parmesan cheese.
The topmost zone is a flamboyant superstructure, as intricate and lacelike as a Gothic spire, which gives the sense of being made of the thorned branches with which Christ was flogged and crowned.
They feature die-cut borders, lacelike blind embossing, and gold foil and crystalline glitter accents.