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Synonyms for labyrinthian

resembling a labyrinth in form or complexity

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The labyrinthian character of the hoax undoubtedly assisted in the construction of the spectacle, as journalists struggled to piece together various strands of the uneven story.
In the end, the failure to escape the labyrinthian psychological drama of her life led to her destruction.
Her examination of this material is fascinating, if too brief, teasing readers with the labyrinthian chronicles and crooked-mirror images of unofficial, quasi-professional, and nonbureaucratic sources.
The menu systems have become labyrinthian, an unfortunate byproduct of the manufacturers' need to give us access to the camera's many features, settings, and adjustments.
Undeterred, the enterprising Kelly led cameras on a labyrinthian tour of the Fox building to find the analysis team behind the Obama call, lamenting on the way that the team didn't sit near the main studio anymore.
But, "Perhaps, if you think about it, digression really is the shortest distance between two points, the straight line being so very congested," and the narrator winds the reader through labyrinthian thought experiments.
his labyrinthian syncretism," Bloom concludes that Milton is
Once inside the shuk, they'd moved with the tourist crowds down the labyrinthian alleys past the spice vendors and trays of sticky pastries, past the silver shops and the men selling carved olive-wood tables and nargilahs.
Live incessant drumming meets celestial chimes, the boundless energy reaped watching the band travel their way around their labyrinthian sound has seen the Three Trapped Tigers name gathering pace and praise.
If for any reason you fail to do all this you will be doomed to forever wander the labyrinthian corridors of the London Underground, or will find yourself on the right line travelling in the wrong direction, which is probably more likely.
Relying on meticulously researched archives and recorded interviews, Zachary Schrag documents the labyrinthian history of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) oversight system that invokes controversies as "empirical evidence" of the untrustworthiness of social scientists.
I was very content strolling around by myself in the endless labyrinthian hallways beneath the hospital and had really little need for company.
And so, the intransient dream, the lacy visions, the jagged, labyrinthian spaces of the artist's mind's tunnel, procreate a play of line, colour, form and texture.
In either ease a map, seen or unseen, underlies the plot: the dotted lines over the ocean that lead Robinson Crusoe to his island, the labyrinthian tangles of London streets into which a wide-eyed young David Copperfield enters.
Many collaborators joined Kaufman for this journey: set designer Derek McLane, who created a Borgesian, labyrinthian archive and elaborate moving panels for the set; costume designer Janice Pytel; lighting designer David Lander; sound designer Andre Pleuss; projection designer Jeffrey Sugg; choreographers Daniel Pelzig and Peter Anastos; my fellow dramaturg Shirley Fishman; pianists Ning Yu and Diane Walsh; script wranglers Martin Kettling and Jimmy Maize; artistic directors Christopher Ashley and Air Edelson; and many gifted actors.