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Synonyms for labourer



Synonyms for labourer

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The injured labourer was taken to the Lady Reading Hospital with a trader leader declaring his condition to be critical.
Pakistan is among the countries with the highest number of bonded labourers in the world.
The rescue sources said that the labourers were working in an under-construction building when the 22-feet long iron rod, they were carrying, came into contact with live power wires overhead, resulting in electrocution of all six labourers.
Last month, a labourer escaped a fatal incident when an iron rod pierced his lower back.
0) than or equal to] 10 Occupation of the Child Labourers Labourer Self-employ Total (n = 28) (n = 15) (n = 372) Age of < 10 1 (3.
The two-storey building collapsed while some labourers were engaged in construction work in the building.
We sent our patrols and an ambulance to the scene and took the labourer to hospital but he died when he reached hospital.
Summary: A small gesture from residents and corporates can go a long way in helping labourers during this holy month of Ramadan.
The child resisted the labourer and hid near the stairs of the mosque, but the labourer found him out and tried to molest him again.
During the fast-breaking time, we go to mosques and have some food from there," the labourer added.
EXPATRIATES could begin moving into a BD50 million township for labourers in Hidd within two months, it was revealed yesterday.
SIALKOT -- ): Three labourers were killed while seven others sustained serious injuries when a concrete beam of an under construction bridge over River Chenab collapsed near Shahbazpur in the wee hours of Wednesday.
A security clearance is also needed to get official approval for a work permit and the labourer should also find an Israeli employer to sponsor him inside Israel.
Shaher Saad, the President of the Union of the Palestinian Labourer Federations, pointed out Palestinians face a real problem with the labourers who work in Israel on permits other than the official legal work permits.
And now, we don't have a single morsel to eat," a labourer told Times of Oman.