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Synonyms for labour-intensive

requiring a large expenditure of labor but not much capital

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Speaking to Daily News Egypt on Tuesday, Salman said that he met with Al-Jaber last Sunday, and agreed on pumping the Emirati investments into labour-intensive projects to create youth employment.
Egypt's Social Fund for Development (SFD) has signed Thursday four contracts for labour-intensive infrastructure projects in a number of contracts, said Minister of Industry and Trade and the fund's Supervisor Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour.
In an interview with newsmen, he said that labour-intensive industries like construction works and projects similar to those of the Villar Foundation will give a new lease of life to the displaced Filipinos.
The LJ/SRT Robotic Top Loader brings automation to the labour-intensive, and sometimes not very pleasant, task of collating and packing by hand bags of frozen, or other prepared food, into cartons.
Under Soviet cultural influence, the labour-intensive traditional brick and tile vaulting of the schools was declared to be counter-revolutionary (prefabricated concrete panel systems were to be preferred for all forms of public construction).
This volume is explores the relationship between industrialization and employment, in general, and between the latter and development of labour-intensive industries in ASEAN countries, in particular.