labour of love

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productive work performed voluntarily without material reward or compensation

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Trev said:"Thanks to the time and labour of love of Mick Ross, we have a record.
Labour Of Love, Sengupta's debut Bengali feature, will transport you to the crumbling suburbs of Kolkota where a married couple who work different shifts co-exist.
What followed was a yearlong labour of love which only finished a few hours before Hugh walked down the aisle on July 23.
UB40 - LABOUR OF LOVE IV Ali Campbell may no longer be part of the group but with his brother Duncan taking control of the vocals, UB40 return with another instalment of their Labour Of Love series.
This has been such a long labour of love and so many great people have helped me," Sir Paul told the crowd.
For Jolyon Brewis and Michael Pawlyn from Grimshaw, the project has been a labour of love, while for Peter Randall-Page, the biggest piece of his career will continue his fascination with the natural world and the mathematics and geometries which underlie it.
A 30-YEAR labour of love has paid off for a West of Ireland academic who has just been named Mayo Person of the Year 2005.
When he was with the Brummie reggae legends, they released the Labour Of Love series of discs which included their versions of songs like Red Red Wine and Cherry Oh Baby.
Fiction and deliberate misinterpretation emerged as the most challenging aspect of contemporary border art: Wim Delvoye's Labour of Love, 1992, continued the artist's displacement of Flemish decorative tradition.
It's really a labour of love, doing this," said Mary O'Connor, founder of the recently formed group.
It is evident that grace abounds in this couple and the fruits of their lifetime labour of love will last forever.
Chris Metcalfe, county executive member for community services, said: "This has been a labour of love to inspire us all.
Brian Ellison admits there is money to be made out of racing but says it's often a labour of love rather than get-rich-quick scheme for the racehorse trainer.
The platinum disc of the reggae band's classic Labour of Love album was auctioned at the event, which raised more than pounds 2,000 in total.