labour camp

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a penal institution for political prisoners who are used as forced labor


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PCB chairman Shaharyar Khan, who was keen to have such a programme to reach out to their huge cross-section of supporters, said: "There are plenty of labour camps across the the country, each housing thousands of workers.
Meanwhile, Abdullah Belhoul, CEO of Dubai Industrial City, said: "We have labour camps based on high standards and we have high level of services and we want to raise the level of labour camps.
After the fire, the men had been relocated to temporary accommodation for a day before being moved into a different labour camp elsewhere in Qatar.
In addition, permission would not be granted for a property to be leased as a labour camp unless it is inspected by officials.
Field traces the history of Britain's labour camps from private efforts in the late 19th century to government-sponsored initiatives in the 20th, with most chapters generally following a rise and fall arc.
Major General Alo Abdullah Elwan al Nuaimi, Commander-in-chief of the RAK Police, said that the footage that turned viral on social media was of a big fire that broke out late on Monday in a labour camp.
The film presents accounts of witnesses as well as reasons behind the confinement of the Spanish in Karlag, the largest labour camp in the USSR.
Omer Ghani, the Chief Executive of Qmega, the UAE-based energy innovation company that manufactured the solar panels here in the country and helped KHK install those says there is no other labour camp that runs fully on solar power.
This building in Mukharqa in which the workers were staying was an unregistered labour camp, details of which were not registered with the ministry.
The labour camp - or "re-education through labour" - system was established to punish early critics of the Communist Party but now is used by local officials to deal with people challenging their authority on issues including land rights and corruption.
In a wink to human rights groups, China announced it is to loosen its one-child policy, abolish the much-criticised labour camp system and reduce use of the death penalty, as part of a raft of major reforms announced by the Communist Party.
MUSCAT: Five Indians were killed when a fire ripped through a labour camp at Bisiyah in the Wilayat of Bahla, yesterday.
Summary: Leading facilities management company Farnek Avireal cleans-up at Dubai Municipality awards ceremony for labour camp environmental initiative
Arights group said yesterday a Chinese teacher who posted pictures online of schools that collapsed when a massive earthquake hit Sichuan in May has been sent to a labour camp for a year.
Once they've had their day in court and been sentenced, they go to a tough Texas prison farm type regime; or, for the worst element, a forced labour camp - say quarry work on a remote location in the western isles.