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the quality of requiring extended effort

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The complexity of the dwellings, their terraces, and the strategic location of their settlement for defense as well as daily sustenance are all evidence of the Quilmes' ingenuity and laboriousness.
It is quite another issue whether or not the writers of the strategy understand the laboriousness of earning a technical master's degree.
In contrast to virtually all of the advice and feedback Fitzgerald received on the play that targeted the infirmities of Act II, Esslin faults the awkward laboriousness of Acts I and III in trying naturalistically to frame the deliberate absurdism of the much stronger middle act.
At the same time incisiveness is not the most obvious characteristic of all papers and some combine pomposity and laboriousness.
In addition to the laboriousness of existing techniques, accuracy is compromised, with errors accumulating in proportion to the number of fragments to be read.
Despite the absence of a computer program and the laboriousness of visual histogram comparing, we have obtained much information on the phenomena studied, which is based on the "control-experiment" comparisons.
Throughout much of the work, one can almost hear the laboriousness with which the 19th century German master composed.
The value N = 10 000 was chosen with regard to the computation time and laboriousness of input ordering for 118 755 random realizations E Ao .
As expected, the assessment of the laboriousness of shelf classification correlated heavily with the users' experience in using it.