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the quality of requiring extended effort

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Widely presented benefits of modern methods of construction (MMC) are construction time reducing, workforce reducing, on-site laboriousness reducing, favorable ratio of cost and returns, and smaller environmental impact as well as better quality control and higher production quality [3].
Conscientiousness and laboriousness as academic achievement predictors in a Spanish students sample
In general, this seemed to make both workers and managers feel assured that the owners understand the intricacies and laboriousness of their tasks and thereby serve to reduce perceptions about the relations of hierarchy and power.
Microsoft has worked hard to minimize the laboriousness often associated with finding information to answer a business question.
You may hear talk of spondees (the existence of which in English-language verse some question, arguing that the contours of contrastive stress will always promote one monosyllable above its neighbors, but that argument becomes hard to sustain in the case of an itemized list or enumeiatio, the monosyllabic elements of which are separated by actual or implied punctuation) and of the heaviness of spondees, echoing the dolorousness of the region or the laboriousness of demonic travel across it.
The Gund Hall study demonstrated the importance of customized inputs in achieving accuracy, but also revealed the difficulty, laboriousness, and expense of providing customized weather inputs that result in an accurate simulation.
Comparison of ethical and efficacy values Ethical values Technical values Dignity of the individua Professionalism Respect for human rights Concern for quality Laboriousness Sense of team spirit Integrity of behaviour Entrepreneurial spirit Truthfulness of communication Responsibility for results Justice in relationships Sense of belonging Faithfulness in commitments Reliability Care of persons Customer orientation Solidarity Competitiveness Respect for the environment Source: Mele and Gonzalez (2007: 9).
The third factor, called "emotions related to the performance of teaching", encompasses the following items: teaching effort (difficult-easy), laboriousness of teaching (complex-simple), plasticity of teaching (hard-soft), imaginary weight of teaching (heavy-light), and teaching demand or requirement (demanding-undemanding).
he was at the same height as Bess), and because the laboriousness of his walk metaphorized his struggles.
Sol-gel method is cost-prohibitive due to high cost of reagents and laboriousness of the process.
Boan's selection of the museum's cleaning refuse recalls the laboriousness of making and the constant maintenance involved in the ceramics process.
civilization democrato * spend * those upstream -christians * replicate * those * priests, downstream padroni values work culture entertainment culture * knowledge * huge stock of * drinking * work & life hard work * ageing well traditional * tradition * welfare culture peasant * degustation * commitment * laborers * elegance to family * concreteness * grease * religious * laboriousness * open air parties faith * pride * old fair * respectability * Suizara prize * together we * friendliness win * generosity * participation * bicycle * civic * playing cards involvement
For to associate queer youth suicide too seamlessly with the wearing out of slow death, and particularly to associate it with a foreswearing of the unavailing laboriousness of self-continuity, may be to transpose into adolescence the temporalities of an adult depletion, in a way that misplaces something of the specificity of adolescent dialectics of self-possession and self-dispersal.
Although Wheatley glosses over much of the laboriousness of this process, this passage does demonstrate the complexity of the translation act, in which Ovid's text is broken down into individual phrases, converted into English, and then reconstructed as a syntactically correct paragraph.