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Synonyms for laboring

doing arduous or unpleasant work

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The bureau recognized the important role of public libraries in out-of-school learning, identifying the need for governing boards that included "alert, intelligent and purposeful men and women of the laboring classes" (Sullivan, 1963, pp.
Both McCreery and Baak (in his discussion of contract and "coolie" labor in southwest India) point to the importance of subsistence guarantees for workers, and not just repressive force, in sustaining unfree laboring relationships.
label is no guarantee that the workers who made that product weren't laboring under sweatshop conditions.
A female observer recorded medical care offered to another 200 women, but never spoke to the laboring mothers.
86) For the union, culture, intelligence, and education meant "more class consciousness" and provided the means by which workers could "become the teachers and guides of the laboring masses of our country.