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Synonyms for labor-intensive

requiring a large expenditure of labor but not much capital

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Integrated with Oracle ERP Cloud, this service automates labor-intensive tasks and protects sensitive data by replacing the use of unsecure spreadsheets, emails and documents.
China's strength in labor-intensive export manufacturing is waning as factory wages rise at a double-digit pace and labor shortages deepen.
The vast majority of Fitch-rated technology issuers in the Asia-Pacific are directly affected by the potential wage increase of labor-intensive production lines in China.
Targeting at-risk undergraduates in retention-intervention programs provides a more financially efficient usage of expensive, labor-intensive, creative intervention programs.
In general, the biggest misconception among food service directors and chefs is that they have to create additional vegetarian menu items with labor-intensive recipes and expensive natural ingredients.
Historically, plasterwork has been labor-intensive to create and repair," says David Piaker of Fifield Piaker Elman Architects.
Some electronics recyclers take a more labor-intensive approach, using hotplates and hair dryers to separate these parts, Moltion says.
The practical reality, however, is that managing multiple tiers of storage service and delivering these services to the applications that need them has proven to be a labor-intensive business.
Given the more labor-intensive aspect of these largely custom-tailored units, a thermoacoustic unit that is simple and easy to integrate may well succeed.
For example, applying for a mortgage has traditionally been a highly manual, labor-intensive process where information is captured, duplicated and communicated on paper.
If any of these students within their first 10 days of arrival became symptomatic, then the medical requirements, including the voluntary isolation, are very labor-intensive and are something we would not be prepared to deal with,'' Cummins said.
To compete in an increasingly competitive market, foundries are looking for techniques that eliminate labor-intensive and inexact practices, allowing them to produce cost-efficient, high-quality castings.
In contrast to Third World countries, growth economies moved from labor-intensive production to capital-intensive and energy-intensive production.
As discussed below, economic theory predicts, and empirical evidence indicates, that lax enforcement of workers' rights encourages prolonged reliance on less-skilled labor-intensive activities and does not encourage economy-wide capital formation and long-term growth.
In addition, the work is extremely labor-intensive, and Hendy, along with his team of seven sewers, often stay overnight to process the last-minute orders that are typical of the business.
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