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resources of available manpower

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In the opinion of the head, it is expedient to replace the external labor force with local labor resources.
I also pointed out in February that there are limits to how far net imports or the broader measure, our current account deficit--can rise, or our pool of unemployed labor resources can fall.
Supported employment was described as a refined approach to developing work opportunity and also meeting the needs both of consumers for training and support and of employers for needed labor resources.
New Distribution Center Capacity Planning Module enables retailers to optimize limited labor resources based on actual and expected inventory movements.
Derbez emphasized the economic importance of a new environmental industry in Mexico and commended SSWM on its progress establishing environmental infrastructure in the country and for using Mexican labor resources to solve environmental issues.
As December 31, 2019, rapidly approaches, shop capacity and labor resources will be stretched thin.
Forzani can now optimize warehouse layout and labor resources within its Toronto facility, streamline outbound shipment processes and utilize cross docking and put-to-store methods to speed the flow of goods.
Duncan Aviation has the capacity and labor resources at the moment, and the company has developed a slot program that helps customers who may not be ready to upgrade immediately but want guaranteed hangar space and labor resources in the coming year.
For store managers, Park City Group's Labor Scheduling tools will optimize the allocation of labor resources thereby improving customer service and sales opportunities.
Subject of the contract is the overall rent GPS devices for monitoring labor resources used by the contracting authority for the implementation of their business processes mainly motorway maintenance, winter maintenance and toll control.
com website has become a very popular site with many users around the world and has become a great learning and sales tool for teaching all walks of people in Mexico and elsewhere the benefits of cleaning up their environment using safe biotechnology, local labor resources and sound engineering practices.
At a time when healthcare organizations are focused on delivering quality outcomes while reducing costs, Workforce Forecast Manager aides in controlling costs through alignment of labor resources with predictable fluctuations in workload demand.
All options were rejected due to cost, labor resources required for ongoing management, and technical limitations of offerings.
In a production environment this means people can deal logically with equipment, materials and labor resources without having to know the specifics of each software application that is involved in the production process.
ETI will be discussing how the State of Veracruz is proactively planning to establish emergency response centers to address and contain the sudden release of toxics that occur during storm events, and how other potential hurricane affected states could benefit from similar facilities designed, built and operated by ETI and local labor resources.