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the source of trained people from which workers can be hired

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India's labor pool stands at 470 million people, with 9 million new entrants each year.
We can no longer expect to find the exact skill set we desire and will have to be more realistic in assessing the available labor pool.
This meant that if the state was hiring lawyers, the benchmark labor pool would be only the people who had actually passed the state bar.
companies to continue to exploit Haiti's cheap labor pool, while unions and peasant organizers suffered beatings, arrests, and murder at the hands of the Haitian military.
In the traditional system, there is a direct labor pool whose costs go into the product on the basis of hours, and a portion of the overhead pool is carried along -at 100 to 300 percent of the direct labor cost.
Manitoba and Ontario, attractive land prices and a moderate labor pool to draw from.
The old days of creaming the country's labor pool for the very best candidates for every position are over," she says.
Higher retention than traditional models and an unlimited home-based national labor pool are among the many competitive advantages of VIPdesk Connect's virtual contact center solution.
business needs a person to fill a specific job and is unable to find a qualified worker in the local labor pool.
Edge: Unemployment is less than 4% and the labor pool is probably smaller than it's ever been in my life-time, but we're still able to get good people.
Whoever has the best trained, most prepared labor pool wins.
The 1991 Civil Rights Act cemented into law the principle, already used in practice by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, that if your employee pool has a different proportion of races and ethnicities than the available labor pool, you can be liable for a discrimination suit.
In examining employment trends, Yoh's analysis found that the nation's strong rate of employment is drying up the available talent in the labor pool.
It may help companies representing members from all walks of life to brainstorm for a better solution to problems like companies being short-changed on their bills by developers, and give contractors the opportunity to be introduced to the skilled labor pool out there they may not have tapped into yet, she added.