labor pain

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pain and discomfort associated with contractions of the uterus during labor

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7) Some studies have examined the effects of ice massage on LI4 and found that labor pain decreases.
The study evaluated the effectiveness of the use of ice massage on the energy meridian point, large intestine 4 (LI 4), during contractions to reduce the woman's perception of labor pain.
In this article we will briefly look at an overview of labor pain and consider concepts to integrate into teaching strategies in order to guide clients on the journey of self-discovery.
The results were limited by the retrospective nature of the study, but the data suggest that neuraxial analgesia can be safely placed in women with varying degrees of labor pain, Dr.
Women's memory of labor pain appears to fade over time, unless they viewed childbirth overall as a negative experience.
Labor pain management in the United States: understanding patterns on the issue of choice.
SAN FRANCISCO -- When it comes to relieving labor pain, there's nothing like an epidural.
The relevant literature documenting anaesthetic management of labor pain in patients with spina bifida is limited to several case reports and a small case series.
Experience early labor pain and have their water break early.
Researchers recently attempted to determine if maternal position reduced the intensity of labor pain during dilatation from six to eight centimeters.
However, both the intracutaneous and subcutaneous sterile water injections reduced labor pain more than the subcutaneous saline injections (placebo) after 10 minutes (P = .
1) Many US birthing centers also offer additional options for managing labor pain, including continuous labor support, (2) hydrotherapy, (3) and parenteral opioids.
It is emphasized that request for pain relief be considered as a sufficient medical indication for the use of labor pain relief methods.
Christiaens, Verhaeghe, and Bracke (2010) conducted research on women from Belgium and the Netherlands and found that labor pain acceptance and personal control resulted in less pain medication use during labor.