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someone who enlists workers to join a union

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Davis (1862-1900), an early mine labor organizer in the mining town of Rendville, Ohio, and one of two African Americans at the founding convention of the United Mine Workers of America in 1890.
Labor organizers said they won a major legislative battle when amendments to the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act were passed in 2010.
Ludlow follows the fictional Luisa Mole, who must choose her destiny between living among the miners and the middle-class family that adopted her, and the historical figure Louis, a Cretan immigrant who becomes a labor organizer and a Ludlow martyr.
The selection of Civil War soldier Emma Edmonds (who dressed in men's clothes), landscaper Genevieve Gillette, frontier settler Marie-Therese Cadillac, Jewish labor organizer Myra Wolfgang, and black politician Cora Brown invigorates the text with varied skills, historical settings, and styles of involvement.
In this regard, the author shares a plethora of stories from her personal history, expertly weaving lessons learned and questions posed in the multifaceted roles she has played as a daughter, wife, mother, labor organizer, social activist, and classroom teacher.
So when Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, a onetime labor organizer, crossed the EAA's picket line to earn his taxpayer-paid salary, the EAA brass went ballistic.
Beltran is a lifelong labor organizer and currently serves as chair of Kilusang Mayo Uno, a major trade union grouping (see "Challenging Martial Law in the Factories: An Interview with Crispin Beltran," Multinational Monitor, January/February 1994).
The periodical describes her as "a striking six-footer and longtime labor organizer with a bright, explosive laugh who can stop a room when she walks into it.
Because I am a labor organizer and a single, gay man, I see and experience differences between the Republicans and the Democrats every waking hour of my life.
It honored one of my heroes, Emma Tenayuca, a civil rights leader and labor organizer.
Perhaps it is more accurate to view her as an evangelist, for, as labor organizer Warren Morse suggested, devout fans invariably carried the song with them wherever they went.
He borrows liberally (albeit with detailed footnotes) from more impressive histories, like Steven Levy's Hackers: HNet Loss is at its best when Newman trains his eye on Silicon Valley, where he worked as a labor organizer throughout the 1990s.
John Sayles' morality play about the 1920 West Virginia Mine War feels like a classic Western showdown, pitting labor organizer Joe Kenehan (Chris Cooper) against the forces of the Stone Mountain Coal Company, which owns every person and pot in Matewan.
McCall, a lifelong conservation volunteer and labor organizer, read about the Caretta Project seven years ago in the book Volunteer Vacations.
His activity as a labor organizer brought him to the attention of Jane Addams at Hull House, who helped him get admitted to the University of Chicago.