labor of love

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productive work performed voluntarily without material reward or compensation

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Angel Wesley, who runs the charity, said: "We at Labor of Love UAE are committed to recognising the contributions made by blue collar workers here in the UAE and to show our gratitude to these women and men for helping us to build this wonderful nation.
Taking the site from its conception to HTML fruition was a labor of love, recalls Emmanuel: "It was a rather long and rigorous process.
Meanwhile, Mosby calls his job a labor of love and offers this advice to African Americans pursuing a career in IT: "If opportunity comes knocking, take it.
Number 54 of the Osprey Combat Aircraft series, this book is a labor of love and one of the more unusual subjects in this lineup.
Right away, I knew this would be a labor of love for me and my associates.
For Heath, all the work he puts into his teaching is a labor of love.
This eye-opening series, originally broadcast on PBS, introduces the viewer to 37 artists working in the United States today, offering insightful and informed "behind-the-scenes" profiles of their life, their work, and their struggle to create, demonstrating the labor of love that is the underlying motivation for their dedication to modern-day art.
The towers, a labor of love that have evolved over the past 45 years, are made from scrap metal and shards of glass and porcelain.
Conscripting his equally unhappy adolescent son (Hayden Christensen) into this labor of love, father and son discover the pleasures of constructing a house and a home and are transformed by work that has called for their best efforts.
My involvement in football for 60 years has been a labor of love.
Labor of Love, 2001, is a dense crowd of owls and other birds of prey with dead mice or rabbits in their beaks; lurking behind is a bloodred background peppered with hearts.
The work is clearly a labor of love for Mike Bellafaire, Command Historian.
It is a labor of love that has taken Roy DeCarava forty years to publish.
It's a labor of love right now, he joked, "But down the road it's going to make me a cyber-multimillionaire.
If it's true that running any ballet company is a labor of love, Oakland Ballet appears to pump in more devotion per hour than any other ballet company around.