labor of love

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productive work performed voluntarily without material reward or compensation

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So the next time a star talks about his labor of love, Elie, ask him to do you a favor: Give me a script you really hate.
Dr Gordon Gee, President of the Ohio State University, was the honoree for the event this year, receiving the Labor of Love Award for his philanthropic effort throughout the Columbus community and internationally.
Andrews' voice, but she's done more on-screen housekeeping and childrearing than Mary Poppins and Maria yon Trapp put together, and the only reason that most of us don't think of her as nanny of the year is that when women of color take up this kind of domestic labor of love they tend to be called housekeepers or maids.
Obviously a labor of love, this book describes an aircraft that offered tremendous innovation for its time.
It is a labor of love and concern that brings to the reader all the years of Fletcher's expertise and knowledge as a dancer and teacher.
With a quantum rise of scholarly interest in Herbert's poetry (more than 20 book-length studies in the past decade alone), Di Cesare's labor of love will ensure even greater fidelity to the enduring poetry of the country parson from Bemerton.
New York's annual Outsider Art Fair, a recent effort to attract collectors and consolidate the value both of particular artists and the whole category, seems to have established itself; on the other hand, the New Museum of Contemporary Art's current show, "A Labor of Love," sets out to challenge "traditional definitions of fine art, folk art, outsider art, and craft" through a tactic of curatorial assemblage - a tactic of resemblance that sometimes backfires, fixing boundaries it seeks to erase.
This wine is a labor of love, donated by Hess Collection to help young people achieve a better future through education.
It's a labor of love,'' said Gibbons, who is assigned to the Crescenta Valley sheriff's station.
Huneck, who credits his five dogs with helping his recovery from a life-threatening illness, sees his chapel as a labor of love and a tribute to the love dogs can teach humans: "They jump up on you and give you a kiss," he says, "and what's wrong with doing that with your better half?
And for the most comprehensive rundown we've seen yet on every known gay, lesbian, and bisexual television character--on American TV and otherwise--check out David Wyatt's labor of love at http://home.
For the Crosbys, caring for and maintaining the club is a labor of love.
Carol Kidwell has clearly performed a labor of love in retracing Sannazaro's life and times, surveying his work with an appreciative eye, and recounting her enthusiasm in a highly readable yet scholarly and well documented book.
Mayor Rudolf Giuliani said the Piers were a labor of love by chairman Roland Betts, "and labors of love always succeed.