labor market

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the market in which workers compete for jobs and employers compete for workers

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Claims are near levels last seen in 1973 and there is little room for further declines as the labor market normalizes.
Increases in growth, opportunity, and equality are thus regarded as improvements in a metropolitan labor market.
These committees also study the needs of the labor market and the revision of the curriculum, according to surveys of the real needs of the labor market to their graduates.
The contract~s subject: "Analyses and forecasts for the development of the labor market in Bulgaria" and is assigned in connection with the implementation of the project "Development of a system for forecasting the demand for labor with particular characteristics" BG051PO001-6.
An FOMC voter, Yellen said that in formulating her interpretation, she will consider various labor market and general economic indicators.
KEYWORDS: labor market reform, institutional features of the employment protection system, Japan, Korea
Germany partially opened its labor market, while Italy became the first country that lifted its restrictions for the two EU newcomers at the end of 2011.
Radwan al-Habib indicated to the importance of the report as an analysis of the labor market database for 2009-2010 in terms of demand and supply.
We argue that some of this divergence is due to differences in labor market institutions and the policies that regulate labor market interactions.
This year report covers 139 countries worldwide, and has attributed the UAE's advancement in this field to the efficiency and flexibility of its labor market, employment of qualified nationals, enhancement of professional code of ethics, in addition to other indicators specified in the report.
We'll experience more months of these mixed signals before the labor market reaches sustained recovery," says Christopher Woock, researcher, human capital, The Conference Board and co-author of the new report, Labor Market Transitions: from Recession to Recovery .
In an article entitled "How We Eat: 2004," (Rural Migration News, January 2006), Martin posits that a tightening of the agricultural labor market, achieved by decreasing the number of aliens in the field, would lead to a 40 percent increase in farm labor wages, and a mere $9 per year increase in food costs to the average American household.
According to the World Bank's Doing Business 2007 report, Mexico's labor market does not function well.
1) In contrast to the perfectly competitive labor market model underlying most public discussion, the real world reflects the evolution of input combinations, labor supply, dual labor markets, and a costly search for the equilibrium wage.
In this issue's Trendwatch story on Finland (see page 1) the question of labor market flexibility was raised in connection with the country's high unemployment and the dampening effect high unemployment has on consumer spending.