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contract between labor and management governing wages and benefits and working conditions

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He called on the embassies of the protesting countries to understand the stance of the UAE and its objectives of approving the unified labor contract, which guarantees the rights of the domestic help and determine the obligations of the two parties, under the new procedures being approved by the Ministry of Interior for bringing in and hiring domestic servants.
The Association of Flight Attendants, representing the airline s flight attendant fleet of 3,400 people, has revealed that the latest labor contract has incorporated protections in order to reduce the pace of upward movements of the health-related expenses, plus to enhance job security and to improve work rules.
Employers will continue to face fines of BGN 1500 a 15A 000 for the absence of labor contract.
This new labor contract positions our company for improved performance by providing a long-term market competitive cost structure as well as enhanced efficiency to meet the demands of today's transportation and supply chain customers," said Mike Smid, President of YRC Inc.
During the National People's Congress in March 2010, the work report of Standing Committee of the National People's Congress said that since the Labor Contract Law has been promulgated and implemented, the awareness of the labor contract of the whole society has been generally raised and the rate of signing of labor contract was significantly increased, up to 93% (Li 2003, Chen 2004).
Northwest says it needs to lower costs to emerge from bankruptcy protection and wants to void its current labor contract.
Once approved by United States Army Japan," said Lett, "they will establish an additional operations site here, using six of the 16 Master Labor Contract personnel transferred from the transportation battalion.
Recent labor contract renewals have produced longer contracts than in the past.
The collective bargaining agreement or the individual labor contract covers wages, hours and conditions of employment for a given time frame.
US Airways (NYSE:LCC) and the International Association of Machinists (IAM) District 142 today reached a tentative agreement on a unified contract that moves all US Airways' maintenance-and-related employees to one labor contract.
The current legislation gives the right to the employer to hire the employee on the basis of civil-legal contract whose difference with labor contract is not indicated in the law.
The minimum monthly salary in Bulgaria's metallurgy sector has been increased from BGN 350 to BGN 400, according to a new collective labor contract signed Thursday.
The Fourth Edition of this comprehensive treatise on labor contract negotiation processes and techniques covers the complete range of issues in the field of collective bargaining, including long-term contracts, cost-sharing of health care benefits, NLRB and court decisions, current examples of contract costing and bargaining parameters, forms and worksheets, and pension developments, including cash balance plans.
With just over five months left before the expiration of the current labor contract for commercial performers, negotiators for the acting unions and the advertising industry have agreed to seek proposals for a joint study to identify alternate models for compensation in the age of emerging new media.
The National Elevator Bargaining Association (NEBA) has reached a tentative agreement with the International Union of Elevator Constructors (IUEC) on a new five-year labor contract, which covers more than 13,000 workers in the United States.