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characteristic of or suffering from kyphosis, an abnormality of the vertebral column

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8) We described herein a case of SAPHO syndrome complicated by severe destruction and kyphotic deformity leading to paralysis.
10) Considering the falcon's young age and the kyphotic angulation of the spine, the present case was interpreted as vertebral osteomyelitis.
Stiffening the otherwise paralyzed trunk and hip extensor muscles with continuous electrical stimulation can correct kyphotic seated posture, expand bimanual workspace, improve ventilation, alter interface pressures, statically stabilize the trunk, and improve manual wheelchair propulsion efficiency [1,15-18].
The VBR and Synex expandable cages have the option of angled endplates and studies involving these cages have shown improvement in kyphotic angle.
As sagittal plane deformities appear to be most closely correlated to prognosis, we used the Sagittal Index (SI) to help assess the segmental kyphotic deformity at the level of the tuberculous infection (11).
As shown in these figures, the exercise group's baseline posture was kyphotic whereas the younger non moms group had much better posture (Figure 9).
Reducing the risk of falls through proprioceptive dynamic posture training in osteoporotic women with kyphotic posturing: a randomized pilot study.
In severe kyphotic posture, pressure of the lower part of the rib cage over the pelvic rim causes significant flank pain, tenderness and compromises breathing (2).
Kyphotic curves refer to the outward curve of the thoracic spine (at the level of the ribs).
His cervical spine lacks a normal lordosis and his thoracic spine is kyphotic.
Forward bending at the back (also called kyphotic posture) makes the work of breathing harder.
Another primary goal is to try to restore, as much as possible, spinal alignment and function to the prefracture status by restoring the vertebral body height, reducing angulation at the fracture level, and minimizing kyphotic deformity.
A characteristic gibbus, kyphotic deformity was present at the L1-2 level.
Sitting in a reclined position with the head and neck supported provides kyphotic residents with a social link to their surroundings.
On physical examination, she had a marked kyphotic deformity at the cervical thoracic junction.