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an abnormal backward curve to the vertebral column

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The post hoc analysis with Bonferroni adjustment showed a significantly lower thoracic kyphosis in all handlebar positions than in the standing position, and identical results in the significance values for both groups were found (p < 0.
Methods: Twenty osteoporotic women with kyphosis, 50 osteoporotic women without kyphosis, and 30 healthy women were included in the study.
So, these reasons caused to making skeletal-muscular problems & then caused to decreasing employees' efficiency because of disproportion between desks & seats with employees' body dimensions are against of posture principle& then caused to employees face to muscular-skeletal problems, when the seat height is shorter than normal caused to creating back kyphosis & stretch stress on posterior spine & then creating pain & if seat doesn't have elbow or back is vertical caused to pressures on disk & back.
85 * Variables not found to correlate significantly with costs include age, body mass index, gender, pre-op kyphosis, number of posterior levels fused, number of anterior levels fused, estimated blood loss, total operative time, number of screws or hooks or wires.
7) reported that the reason why they found no balance problems was possibly due to the small numbers of patients with severe disease, such as dorsal kyphosis, a source of postural impairment, in their studies.
Examination and testing may reveal short stature (flat vertebrae cause a short trunk), short neck, kyphosis or scoliosis with pectus carinatum (pigeon chest) and, at the cervical spine, odontoid hypoplasia; atlantoaxial instability may be associated with myelopathy with gradual loss of walking ability.
Introduction: Kyphoplasty, a minimally invasive technique, has recently been developed to provide immediate pain relief, biomechanical stabilization, prevention of fracture progression, vertebral height restoration, and prevention or reversal of kyphosis to patients with osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures (VCF).
We advocate the use of kyphoplasty [as an] early intervention for osteoporotic and osteolytic vertebral compression fractures to prevent pain and progressive kyphosis," said study investigator A.
The surgery reduced the angulation of the kyphosis by about 50%.
Patients with Treacher Collins syndrome might have basicranial kyphosis, narrowing of the pharynx, and severe microretrognathia with deficient ramal height.
Scoliosis (sideways curvature of the spine) and/or kyphosis (front-to-back curvature of the spine) may also occur.
The ReForm Pedicle Screw System is intended to provide immobilization and stabilization of spinal segments in skeletally mature patients as an adjunct to fusion in the treatment of the following acute and chronic instabilities or deformities of thoracic, lumbar and sacral spine: degenerative spondylolisthesis with objective evidence of neurological impairment, fracture, dislocation, scoliosis, kyphosis, spinal tumor and failed previous fusion (pseudarthrosis).
It is used to treat patients suffering from debilitating back pain or limited range of motion caused by spinal deformities and degenerative conditions such as slipped vertebrae, scoliosis, kyphosis, and spinal nerve impingement (pinched nerves).
During the physical examination of the patient, lumbar lordosis was loss with the increase in dorsal kyphosis.
Lumbar or thoraco-lumbar spinal dysgenesis or agensis causing kyphosis of one or more vertebrae.