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a shallow drinking cup with two handles


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In 2016 Charles Ede sold 'a particularly fine blackfigure kantharos' to a client in New York and, more recently, to Yale University, a red-figure kylix with Bacchic scenes on the outside and a tondo of a maenad attacking a satyr (Fig.
Among the many wine vessels in the exhibition are a fine Attic red-figure kylix by the Tarquinia Painter.
Compare Figure 4, the red-figure kylix attributed to Makron (British Museum E 61), which Sian Lewis (2002, 94-5) argues represents a scene of men purchasing the required symposia materials for an evening party.
The difficulty finding Kylix developers was seen as a natural consequence of the increasing adoption of Java and .
We thus cannot look at the most ancient objects - such as the magnificent golden goblet (the Dendra kylix with embossed hunting hound) or the Pentelic marble head of Paris - as though they were unconnected to a tradition that continues today.
2), a slender wine-pouring jug used to decant wine from a larger mixing vessel (such as the stamnos or krater) into a drinking cup (such as a kylix or skyphos).
de uma kylix (21)--Figura 1--e em uma das faces de um Calyx-krater
On the front page was a brief report that the Metropolitan Museum had made a spectacular acquisition; its Director, Thomas Hoving, announced the purchase of a magnificent Attic sixth-century kylix krater, signed by the potter Euxitheos and the painter Euphronios.
I also thank Conrad Stibbe for permission to use the photograph of the kylix reproduced here as Fig.
Besides, the encapsulation in an object of the Development IDE will permit us in a future to be able to be replaced by another component as an ODBC driver, necessary to integrate the engine with other languages as Visual C++, C#, Kylix, and others.
And to facilitate porting to and from Linux, a copy of Kylix (Delphi language edition) is included with Delphi Studio.
WIPP member Susan Sawka, majority owner of Kylix Corp.
250), a kylix by Makron, shows bearded men (no staffs) wrapping elaborate, even excessive ribbons around nude athletes; (55) that this is meant as a courtship vase is indicated by the other side, which clearly shows lovers offering gifts.
The package will include a 30 day trial of Borland's Delphi Studio Architect, C++Builder Enterprise and Kylix Enterprise with IBM's DB2 Universal Developer's Edition and DB2 Universal Personal Edition.