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the basic unit of money in Angola

a festival featuring African-American culture


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The kwanza depreciation resulted from the government's decision to contain the erosion of foreign exchange reserves by introducing flexibility into the exchange rate.
This month the bank dropped a currency peg and moved to a partial float that allows the kwanza to trade freely within a range set by the bank.
The Supercharged Initiative, founded by Kwanza Jones and Jose E.
Angola's kwanza has weakened around 30 percent officially this year and far more on the parallel market as subdued oil prices hit Africa's second largest crude exporter.
The round will offer 12 offshore blocks, 10 onshore blocks in the Congo and Kwanza river basins; seven in the southern half of the Namibe Basin; and five in the Lower Congo Basin.
It will allow business people and traders to legally export either Namibia Dollar to Angola or the Angola Kwanza to Namibia and exchange them into local currency for trading purposes.
We are optimistic and we think that with the engagement of technicians in tax administration, non-oil receipt this year could reach 885 million Kwanza," said the director of the national tax department, Alice Paula Dos Santos Neves.
I may have thought it strange had I not visited Kwanza Tarpon Lodge 75km south of Angola's capitol Luanda.
Some 5 271 children, aged from six months to 15 years, were vaccinated against measles in the central Kwanza Sul province in mid-August, part of the campaign aimed at diminishing the disease.
In a ceremony in Luanda, in the presence of state oil company Sonangol's president Manuel Vincente and BP group chief executive Bob Dudley, the production sharing agreements were signed for four new blocks covering 19,400 km2 in the Kwanza and Benguela basins.
The petroleum industry in Angola began in 1955 when oil was discovered in the onshore Kwanza Valley by Petrofina of Belgium which, together with the Angolan government, established a jointly-owned Fina Petroleos de Angola (Petrangol) and built a refinery at Luanda to process the crude oil.
CALULO -- The national agriculture sector will harvest 12,000 tons of coffee during the 2009 campaign, in comparison to the 5,000 tons harvested in 2008, the minister of Agriculture, Afonso Pedro Canga announced at Cabuto farm, in coastal Kwanza Sul province.
Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanza 77% Halloween 14% Valentine's Day 9% Who is your favourite holiday mascot?
Get the kids interested in wildlife by adopting Bluey a very appealing PD frog, Jaya the baby orang-utan or Ya Kwanza the 37-stone male silverback gorilla.
Backstage on this night, you find Perlo ironing white tablecloths for the first dinner-theater fundraiser in the center's history--a West African dance concert honoring Kwanza by one of the resident companies, Coyaba Dance Theater.