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Michael Wex wrote a book called Born to Kvetch in which he characterizes Yiddish as a language of complaining.
The night before the news conference he had sat through a Bulgarian-language version of his play Kvetch.
Readers will discover short (mostly) entries on ain't, beg the question, cliche, double negative, Goldwynisms, headlinese, kvetch, limerick, portmanteau word, semicolon, subjunctive, unbeknownst .
And something called Women, Know Your Place, where presenters Muriel Gray, Mariella Frostrup and BBC1 boss Jay Hunt kvetch about the lack of opportunities for women in telly.
Obfuscating his efforts is his needy mother (Sharon Gless), who interrupts him at the most inopportune moments to kvetch about her coffee maker.
Join the greatest lover in the history of the World Bank as he explores such positions as the Avenging Eagle, the Chicken Hawk, and Kvetch Landing on Subordinate.
Sarah Pierce (Kate Winslet) sits together-apart from a gaggle of suburban moms, offspring frolicking on the swings, as they dish, kvetch and complain the morning away.
As we close out 2005--a year Grimaldi has found lots to kvetch about--it strikes me there are an awful lot of adaptations going on just to keep pace with the changes occurring around us.
Finally, to understand what New Yorkers are talking about (tawkinabow), any newcomer unfamiliar with Basic Yinglish will need to take a crash course to grasp such classic locutions as shlep (to lug, carry), kvetch (complain, whine), shmuck (a dope, jerk, in Yiddish a penis), shmeer (to spread or a spread), and oy (an untranslatable exclamation that Leo Rosten describes as not a word but a vocabulary).
It's a toss up as to which stands out like the biggest sore thumb, the shameless plug for investor Sky TV or a cameo by former S Clubber Rachel Stevens, but it seems to churlish to kvetch over such things with so much romcom fun on offer.
In the rare cases in which they no longer work, they still come to the DDC to socialize, kvetch, play games, and hang around.
It is likely that my job advancement was due to my obnoxious corrections of the editors' atrocious Yiddish pronunciations, demonstrating to White Anglo Saxon Protestants how to kvetch as well as properly articulate the word, reminding ARIL officers not to schedule board meetings on Jewish holy days, and schlepping (my special expertise) mail sacks and buttering up the post office's periodicals supervisor.
The Catskills became the training ground for the stand-up comic, the sad-sack nebbish whose troubles are greater than life, and whose kvetch is cosmic as well as comic.
who apparently still thinks of himself as a centrist liberal, and a host of rightwing pundits kvetch about the threat that identity politics poses to our "common culture"; they sound the tocsin against it as a harbinger of the new barbarism.
Compared to contemporary English," writes Michael Wex in Born to Kvetch, "Yiddish is a regular haunted house where demons frolic and sinister forces rage nearly unchecked.