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Surprisingly, tsuris hasn't been absorbed into everyday American English as readily as Yiddish words such as maven, or chutzpah or kvetch.
The Yiddish Kvetch: Relating Language to Culture" (review of Born to Kvetch by Michael Wex).
If Kvetch had been performed in North Korea, or Iran, it would have got the same reactions," he says.
3) Born to Kvetch has been acclaimed in the mainstream and Jewish press (including The New York Times (4) and the Forward (5).
Join the greatest lover in the history of the World Bank as he explores such positions as the Avenging Eagle, the Chicken Hawk, and Kvetch Landing on Subordinate.
What she doesn't do is lecture, kvetch, or admonish.
Sarah Pierce (Kate Winslet) sits together-apart from a gaggle of suburban moms, offspring frolicking on the swings, as they dish, kvetch and complain the morning away.
As we close out 2005--a year Grimaldi has found lots to kvetch about--it strikes me there are an awful lot of adaptations going on just to keep pace with the changes occurring around us.
Finally, to understand what New Yorkers are talking about (tawkinabow), any newcomer unfamiliar with Basic Yinglish will need to take a crash course to grasp such classic locutions as shlep (to lug, carry), kvetch (complain, whine), shmuck (a dope, jerk, in Yiddish a penis), shmeer (to spread or a spread), and oy (an untranslatable exclamation that Leo Rosten describes as not a word but a vocabulary).
The authors ask if this is time crunch or kvetch (complaining).
It is likely that my job advancement was due to my obnoxious corrections of the editors' atrocious Yiddish pronunciations, demonstrating to White Anglo Saxon Protestants how to kvetch as well as properly articulate the word, reminding ARIL officers not to schedule board meetings on Jewish holy days, and schlepping (my special expertise) mail sacks and buttering up the post office's periodicals supervisor.
Con el nudo en la garganta (El Kvetch en yidish, titulo original) de Steven Berkoff, en una buena traduccion del argentino Jorge Suscheime, adaptada a Mexico por los actores se presenta en el Foro Shakespeare, bajo la direccion de Lia Jelin, escenografia de Laura Rode, iluminacion de Angel Ancona y produccion de Morris Gilbert, con Luis Couturier, Ana Karina Guevara, Maricruz Najera, Luis Enrique Navarro y Gerardo Gonzalez.
who apparently still thinks of himself as a centrist liberal, and a host of rightwing pundits kvetch about the threat that identity politics poses to our "common culture"; they sound the tocsin against it as a harbinger of the new barbarism.
Go buy Wex's Born to Kvetch and let him do it much better than I can.