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a Renaissance woodwind with a double reed and a curving tube (crooked horn)

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The conclusions showed that only in Krummhorn, which offered fewer opportunities for demographic growth, the stepmother had a negative influence.
Focus, Gryphon and Amazing Blondel were but three "rock" groups to embrace this post-hippie fascination with music from the pre-Baroque era, incorporating lutes, krummhorns and shawms into their repertoire.
The band will play a variety of period instruments, including the sackbutt, viola da gamba, krummhorn, lute and tabor.
My only regret about this book is that it was not available fifteen or twenty years ago, when I suspect there were more budding krummhorn and shawm players about.
Guest artists Phil and Gayle Neuman of Ensemble De Organographia will bring the seldom-heard sounds of krummhorns, shawms, douaines and racketts to music based on chorales written by Martin Luther.