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strong wrapping paper made from pulp processed with a sulfur solution


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Midori wanted to bring high design creating an unexpected elegance to simple Kraft paper," said Aya Sumika, Midori's President and Creative Director.
Paper machine #11, produces a broad range of kraft paper products for external customers both in the United States and abroad.
Apply glue to the kraft paper in an area that's larger than the poster-board circle.
With the launch of LennoKraft, Stora Enso broadens its packaging paper range with a white coated kraft paper that offers a novel product to the kraft paper market.
Its acquisition adds to KapStonea[euro](tm)s exposure to the attractive containerboard segment, widens its kraft paper line and converts the company into a global producer of high-performance extensible multiwall paper, a segment growing at an annual pace of 4%, the buyer said.
The ratings, however, also reflect the firm's modest scale of operation and the high level of fragmentation in the kraft paper industry.
has signed a definitive agreement to sell its kraft papers business to Stone Arcade Acquisition Corp.
Wavy-wavy paper stretches 20% more than regular kraft paper, which has higher tensile strength.
Machine-glazed kraft paper is a specially coated machine finished paper with a smooth surface.
A switch to Kraft paper dunnage has made packing of these items easier, reduced the storage required for dunnage supplies and provided a cleaner work environment.
While kraft paper deteriorates rapidly, Archival Frame Backer Paper stays strong and puncture resistant for decades, according to company officials.
In the next step, the students draw a full-size cartoon on large, brown kraft paper, drawing all lines double to allow for the effect of leading.
Purchases leave La Fleur wrapped simply in unbleached kraft paper tied with twine.
KapStone Paper and Packaging Corporation (NASDAQ:KPPC), a leading North American producer of kraft paper and converter of inflatable dunnage bags, will release third-quarter 2007 earnings after the financial markets close on Monday, November 5, 2007.