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This is one of those captivating shows that starts in one definite location - a kookie witch's house - and then takes the young audience on an imaginative journey around the world.
They were creepy and kookie and altogether spooky but we all loved The Addams Family.
A cool car gets you noticed, whether you're Elvis with his pink Cadillac, Kookie on '77 Sunset Strip,' James Dean in 'Rebel without a Cause,' or, like Springsteen, a working-class guy from New Jersey.
Licensing agreements have also been formed with Sue Dreamer, who has returned to Silvestri with two new lines -- Holiday and Kookie Spookies -- and Lib Cummings-Mead, who brings Larkspur Lane, a collection of characters from a magical house that come with their own story booklet, to Silvestri.
In "77 Sunset Strip," cool private detectives on the strip were glamorous figures, and the parking lot attendant, Kookie Burns, was eventually elevated to the series lead.
Then I must say--as I was watching the cars go by--I started having kookie ideas.
Sold under the brand name Get Kookie, the dough is soon to be destined for national release if a proposed deal with Wal-Mart goes through.
They don't see it as I do, a sort of lyric, as kookie as most lyrics.
The Montreal-based company launched its Tarte Kookie Pies last September in Quebec.
Celebrity invitees include Cher, Nancy Sinatra, Jimmy O'Neil and Ed Kookie Burns.
Meanwhile, his zeal for pop culture drove self-generated projects like "Robot Chicken,'' which since 2005 has lampooned the vagaries of pop culture with its kookie cast of stop-motion-animated action figures.
A special sisterinlaw to Anne and Kookie, special aunt to Paula, Patricia, Ian and a greatauntie to Oliver and Jacob.
Treasure Hunt: Joint first in the Junior section were brother and sister acts - Harrison Blake along with Luna Dreyer riding Pearl, Joshua Blake riding Ruby, Anai Dreyer gaining her place on Kookie.
PRINCE (12A) Verdict: DIRECTOR: Kookie V Gulati STARRING: Vivek Oberoi, Aruna Shields, Neeru Singh, Nandana Sen, Sanjay Kapoor.
O wee, wee, awa wakka Ani kookie ka So-on i metra Mamres, mamres Sani booli baya Mam amam oma Flimp an flo Flimp an flo Sani, boolie ba-aya Mae'n bleser mawr gennyf ddarllen y Daily Post Cymraeg bob wythnos, a gyda llaw, mae o wedyn yn mynd i'r Ffindir, lle bydd yn cael croeso mawr.