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Christian fellowship or communion with God or with fellow Christians

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The Koinonia Trio will be joined by Adler Center faculty members Juliet Dawson and Melissa Padgett for two songs by Vaughn Williams, featuring Nathaniel Pierce.
We the members and leaders of Koinonia Ministerial Network (fellowship of Apostolic Leaders) have decided to boycott the consumption of cow meat in Nigeria till further notice in solidarity to the good people of Benue State whose sons, daughters and parents were murdered by herdsmen in the most dehumanising way ever imagined.
The biblical notion of koinonia cannot be reduced to a spiritualized participation in the divine life with no concrete, visible expression.
This response re-affirms the "common ground, foundation, or basis of ecumenism" by repeating the conviction that "there is a true and real, even if imperfect, koinonia existing between the Catholic Church and other Churches and Ecclesial Communities.
To that end, I offer the two following concepts as a synopsis of the basic effects of the Eucharist in Christian thought: koinonia, the idealized sense of the Christian church's community identity, and metanoia, the process of conversion or turning one's life around that is necessary for the reception of salvation.
Whether we like it or not, the situation in which to look for a new vision of the koinonia of the churches is one of division and separation.
Let's really be ourselves and practise building relationships with God and one another: koinonia.
Similarly, the book does not deal adequately with subjects that show the interrelatedness between F&O and Life and Work and that reflect the reality of the Majority World, such as Koinonia and Justice, Peace, and Creation: Costly Unity (1993) and The Nature and Mission of the Church (2005).
Sin embargo, desde el punto de vista de la eficacia historica (Gadamer) en la tradicion filosofico-politica occidental las expresiones latinas communitas y societas aparecen por primera vez en la obra de Ciceron como traducciones alternativas e indistintas de una unica palabra: la palabra griega-aristotelica koinonia (Riedel, 1976: 127).
And it will hold an encore on Saturday, June 12, at both the church and the Koinonia Center, across the street from the Knight Library at 1414 Kincaid St.
Witnessing, here, has something to do with this koinonia.
Otras expresiones ordinarias de la koinonia eclesial son las llamadas Cartas episcopales.
The move comes almost a year after Georgetown, a Catholic university, created a stir with campus Protestants by cutting ties with six outside evangelical ministries, including InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Chi Alpha, Asian Baptist Student Koinonia and Crossroad Campus Christian Fellowship.
Next it deals with Clarence Jordan and Koinonia Farm in southern Georgia and the interaction between the two endeavors.
Para presentar los rasgos de una ontologia dinamica en Aristoteles nos centramos en el analisis de los conceptos de Eudaimonia, Fronesis, Koinonia y Amistad o Filia que ocupan el centro de su discurso en la Etica Nicomaquea.