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a paradoxical anecdote or a riddle that has no solution

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Zen Echoes" is a collection of classic koans drawn from Zen Buddhism's Chinese history that were first collected and commented on by Miaozong, a twelfth-century nun so adept that her teacher, the legendary Dahui Zonggao, used to tell other students that perhaps if they practiced hard enough, they might be as realized as her.
Koans are an ancient method for addressing the question of who we are.
Sussman returns to these (and other) pivotal points or attractor zones, drawing meaning from a multiplicity of intertextual and interdisciplinary languages, conjured up in various parts of the volume, making them converge, eventually, in a sort of healing Zen koan.
With the first koan of the book--a story or lyric expression meant to test a student's development in Zen Buddhism--the speaker implores,
Koans exhaust the logical activity of the mind so that the mind will break out of its conventional view of the nature of reality" (Grenard, 2008, p.
Shua's fictions often work like Zen koans, compelling the reader to mull over paradoxes dramatized in a handful of suggestive sentences.
To find golf koans, haiku, analyses of paintings, and myriad small surprises of lyricism among the discussions of professionals, practice techniques, equipment, and courses sets this work apart.
Often described as no-exit situations which take years to answer, koans are seemingly nonsensical at first, even childish, but often point toward a kind of aporia, disengaging themselves from the easy way out of an answer.
He was a Zen master talking in haiku and koans that were incomprehensible to many, the path to the light for others.
As I think about the questions you've posed about the liminal object, I think about koans.
The Book of Equanimity: Illuminating Classic Zen Koans.
philosophy, especially koans and the variety of interpretations their
Deftly covering a vast array of theological inquiries and historical scholarship relevant to the its original rejection from the approved canon of scriptures that were to become the New Testament, The Gospel Of Thomas offers readers an insightful grasp of Thomas' writings including his concept of "the light within us all", the influence of Eastern thought in the teachings of Jesus, who Mary Magdalene was in the Gospel attributed to the apostle Thomas, the gnostic scriptures interpretation, and perspectives into some of the most puzzling Christian koans from both the canonical and gnostic texts.
In fact, many of the poems can be read almost as Zen koans.
In fact, Zen koans, paradoxical statements, or questions that illicit paradoxical responses in an attempt to open and enlighten the mind, give major insight into the nature of language and the true essence of the guru/teacher/tutor.