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The combination of Stevens' background as the manager of a Speedway convenience store, Johns' experience in construction and their shared enthusiasm for cars and motorcycles led to the vision for Knucklehead Bend, the winner of this year's Convenience Store News for the Single Store Owner Store Design Contest.
The Knucklehead is used mostly as a self-defense neck knife or boot knife, though it also comes with a belt clip attachment.
When all else fails, think," the author writes, and this ground zero advice underlies all the practical tips Pearman gives to the kitchen challenged so that they can graduate from novice Knucklehead to experienced chef in no time.
The audience screamed out that the results were inconclusive because the head came off the target when Knucklehead jerked on the rope.
It is even hairier after October 25, when knucklehead tries to leach your travel savings.
Well it may be all right for Dwight D Knucklehead from Halfwit County, Nebraska, but not for here I'm afraid.
We've all done it; we've read the articles that make you cringe and make you think to yourself, "What a knucklehead that guy is
6, 2002: "Because of knucklehead errors, a photograph caption in the Palm Beach Post Monday incorrectly identified one of the Three Stooges, as well as Abbott and Costello.
Sure, I love the little knucklehead, but frankly, I wouldn't lend the guy a nickel.
The catalogue also includes Opie's (Ryan Hurst) 2001 Harley Dyna Glide at $7,200 and Jax's (Charlie Hunnam) knucklehead which is currently at $16,500.
Over the years, I think we've done some great cover stories, but I have to say that this issue's cover story on Knucklehead Bend Market & Eatery is my absolute favorite.
You know he's kind of a knucklehead," She said, adding: "You know the one".
David, 37, rides a custom-built 93" Knucklehead while Gordon, 45, has owned a EUR25,300 Harley Davidson since 2008.
This led to an instant following, combined with endorsements from Halo Guitars and Knucklehead strings (USA) and Protection Racket drum cases (UK) as well as sponsorship from Birmingham Drum Centre.
If it were to happen, though, he'd like to be with his wife, daughters and cats, Pepper and Knucklehead.