knuckle down

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work very hard, like a slave

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He said: "I have to knuckle down with (Yorkshire) and start the season as well as I can.
I really need to knuckle down and get on with it before I say any more.
The programme follows the mums and dads as they knuckle down to months of revision, homework and mock exams.
I'm 25 years of age now and I want to knuckle down - not that I haven't before - as we have quality strikers here who are battling to start the season.
They have the performances down pat - they're tighter than a Ballymena money clip - so now they must knuckle down to writing.
It shows that we have massive character but in the dressing room we know that we can knuckle down and play if we have to, but people know what we are about now.
But I'm sure they'll knuckle down and give everything they can, and hopefully they can climb the table, then sit back and enjoy the rest of the season.
He needs to knuckle down and start repaying the faith Brendan Rodgers has shown in him.
We've got to knuckle down and prove people wrong and hopefully we'll get a chance on Saturday to do that.
It doesn't make it easy but as players all you can do is knuckle down.
However, the players have got to knuckle down and try and win all three points tomorrow.
A onegrade uplift seems more than fair and she can knuckle down to the task to head them all off by the third turn.
If he's a reasonable guy he will knuckle down but, if not, at least you can say you tried the softly-softly approach before taking the matter any further.
now he has got to knuckle down and do the job that he is paid for.
Every single player here wants to improve, with no exceptions, and I believe we will all knuckle down and do that under the new manager.