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apprehended with certainty

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All of the men and women the writer had ever known had become grotesques.
No, I don't know exactly where it is, except that it is somewhere in an ancient and buried city known as Kurzon.
No, Miss Manette; all through it, I have known myself to be quite undeserving.
His valet looked at the visitors through a sort of wicket; and if their faces were unknown to him or displeased him, he replied that the abbe was not in Paris, an answer which satisfied most persons, because the abbe was known to be a great traveller.
Adam," Arthur said, impelled to full confession now, "it would never have happened if I'd known you loved her.
Had I known it, I would have had the pleasure of talking to him about you.
The rest of the boys, for reasons best known to themselves, though they loathed the master, took his side in the affair, and, to show their indignation that the school's business had been dealt with outside, made things as uncomfortable as they could for Walters' younger brother, who still remained.
If they had but known why, at this particular moment, they were both remarkable persons, they would undoubtedly have wondered at the strange chance which had set them down opposite to one another in a third-class carriage of the Warsaw Railway Company.
Well, now, I've known Casaubon ten years, ever since he came to Lowick.
The face of a man, and she had known only his boy face.
He would have marvelled that a whole people - women and children and aged - could travel so swiftly, had he not known the terror that drove them on.
SOCRATES: Not only that, my dear boy, but you may say further that I have never known of any one else who did, in my judgment.
For he must know it now--perhaps he had known it before
stammered Nancy, vaguely wondering how Pollyanna could possibly have known her--and wanted her.
You'll hardly believe it, but till now I imagined that I was the only woman he had known.