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an unauthorized copy or imitation


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What they do worry about is their good name, and they don't want cheap knockoff chargers setting their customers' houses on fire and being blamed for it.
NEW YORK -- Egg-shape lip balm supplier eos Products LLC has reached a settlement stopping a private label manufacturer and its components supplier from selling knockoffs of the product.
In addition, the agreement calls for retailer inventory of the knockoff lip balms to be sold off or destroyed within several months, according to eos.
So, what are the best ways the fashion industry can combat the knockoff issue and protect their IP?
Editor's note: This letter is in response to an opinion column titled "In Praise of Knockoffs.
He alleged the phone was also not original but a cheap knockoff.
Many mainline Muslims, who choose to say very little about these Muslim knockoffs, are indicating a tacit approval of such actions.
Drumlister jumped right at virtually every hurdle, sometimes badly, yet got to within a length and a quarter of Definite Knockoff.
London, July 27 ( ANI ): After one of Egypt's Olympic swimmers admitted that the team was given knockoff Nike gear from China to compete in, the sports brand has issued a severe warning to that country's Olympic body to take all possible steps to safeguard and protect the sport brand's name and reputation.
Our dogs were finished with the knockoff in minutes; but many designs of the Ottosson toys, like the Dog Twister, are designed with several levels of difficulty and continue to provide a challenge for dogs after months of play.
The indictment accuses Bettencourt of masterminding the scheme to defraud the government and directing his employees to work with companies that manufactured the knockoff parts.
It's attracting thousands of counterfeit and knockoff products.
The special tools and machinery may be yours, and you should try to get them back (to make it tougher for knockoff production), but don't plan on using it here The machinery will never meet our standards, and it will probably be severely damaged, like the tooling.
Industry watchers believe the new guidance on mobile phone is produced to address mainland China's knockoff phones, which are mostly outfitted with MediaTek's chipsets and firmware.