knock down

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  • verb

Synonyms for knock down

cause to come or go down

knock down with force

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shatter as if by explosion


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The ability to knock down genes either stably (that is, creating heritable phenotypes through germline transmission of permanently silenced genes) or transiently ,as opposed to knocking them out altogether) has some important advantages in the production of animal models and in vitro cell lines.
A priority of the Grainger Town Project has been to knock down the 1970s Westgate House and Norwich Union House blocks which dwarf listed buildings off Westgate Road.
Plans to knock down an old convent gatehouse have been approved.
The Royal Liverpool University hospital needs to find space for 250 extra beds and health chiefs are considering plans to knock down the building.
I don't want people to steal our labor, knock down our dreams, abandon our communities, usurp our democratic power--then toss us a dime and say, "You're welcome.
THE decision to knock down the oak trees in the Glen of the Downs has rightly angered environmentalists.
Councillor John Shipley is quoted as saying: "There is no wish whatsoever to knock down good homes.
PALMDALE -- It took 50 firefighters nearly an hour to knock down a grass fire that blackened about five acres and sent thick smoke over central Palmdale.
If you knock down our rink to build a shopping centre I think you're mad.