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a short wooden club with a heavy knob on one end


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UNCLE (Slamming his knobkerrie on the coffee table threateningly): AIWA
Chancellor reaches fir knobkerrie and keeps hold of watch.
Chilford obtains his large knobkerrie from behind his makeshift desk and slowly advances toward the kitchen entrance as the footsteps come nearer He lifts his sjambok and is about to swing it when Mai Tamba screams--
Chilford grabs his knobkerrie and stands far from Tamba, examining him closely.
Then look at his African axe, bead necklaces, long arm and neck bangles, and fearsome clubs called knobkerries
front veranda beam hung a range of knobkerries made of the heaviest wood
the knobkerries and insanely began hitting the granadilla in pieces
Grundy wrongly claims that South African authorities persuaded Britain not to give High Commission Territories troops firearms, and that `when the troops arrived in North Africa, the only arms issued them were knobkerries and assegais'.